Olga Carmona Parents: Father Jose Verdasco Passed Away

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Jose Verdasco and Olgarcia Galvez are the parents of Spanish International Olga Carmona. Olga’s parent’s upbringing played a significant role in shaping her career.

Olga Carmona has been a key player for Spain in the 2023 Women’s World Cup. In the final match, Spain won the World Cup with her goal. 

Sadly, right after that, Olga tragically received news of a family tragedy, her father’s death. 

The RFEF did not disclose the date or cause of her father’s death, nor did they specify when Carmona was informed of the heartbreaking news.

Olga Carmona Garcia is a Spanish professional soccer player who competes as a left-back for European powerhouses Real Madrid CF and the Spain National Team.

Born and bred in Sevilla, Carmona started her soccer career at the young age of six. In 2007, she joined the Sevilla FC academy. She spent almost a decade with Sevilla- 9 years.

Spanish International Olga Carmona
Spanish International Olga Carmona (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, in the 2016/17 season, she showed great diligence and determination, and as a testament to her tireless effort, she was promoted to the first team.

Carmona immediately impacted the senior team, helping her team get promotion to the Primera Division.

It was looking evident that big teams would come looking for a promising talent like Olga. In 2020, she signed for Real Madrid.

On April 13, 2021, Olga made it to the senior team of Spain, making her debut in a friendly against Mexico.

Olga Carmona Parents: Where Are They From?

The Real Madrid No. 7, Olga Carmona, was born on June 12, 2000, to her parents, Jose Verdasco and Olgarcia Galvez Garcia, or Olga in short. Olga and her mother share the same name.

Jose and Olgarcia’s last name is of Spanish origin, so it would be safe to assume that Olga’s parents are from Spain. 

According to Canal Sur, Olga’s mother is a driver of the municipal buses of Seville. The Spanish soccer star is very close to her mother.

She even shares a tattoo on the wrist that symbolizes a mother hugging her daughter, which Olga always kisses after scoring. 

Olga Carmona Showcasing Love For Her Grandmother
Olga Carmona Showcasing Love For Her Grandmother (Source: Instagram)

Olgarcia is proud of her daughter and her achievements. However, she wasn’t initially pleased with her daughter playing soccer and wanted her daughter to switch to another sport. It was because, back in the day, not many girls played soccer.

But as the soccer star started excelling in the sport, the mother fully supported her. Recently, Garcia talked with the media and revealed that she’ll be travelling to Sydney for the World Cup Finale, as per her daughter’s wish.

Garcia wants her daughter and her teammates, who have shown exceptional performance, to achieve their dream of lifting the World Cup trophy.

Unlike Olga’s mother, no information is available about her father except for his name. 

Olga Carmona Brothers

The Spanish player has two brothers in her family, Francisco and Tomás, and they all share a passion for soccer. The Carmona siblings all grew up training and practising the sport.   

Also, the three of them do not have much age gap. Francisco Carmona Garcia, or Fran Carmona, was born in 1999, and he is just a year older than Olga.

Interestingly, Tomás and Olga are twins, and Olga was born just ten minutes before her brother. 

CD Teruel Centerback Fran Carmona
CD Teruel Centre back Fran Carmona (Source: Instagram)

Olga’s older brother, Fran Carmona, started his career at Seville FC. After 7 years with the club, he was promoted to the ‘C’ team in 2020. He stayed with the team till the 20/21 season and went to Las Palmas Alt.

Shortly later, he moved to CD Teruel on a free transfer. With Teruel, he won the Segunda Federation (Group 3). Fran currently plays as a centre-back for CD Teruel.

Similarly, the other brother, Tomás, currently plays as a goalkeeper for the Spanish soccer team, UD Tomares. Before joining the team on Jul 1, 2022, Tomás used to play for Castilleja. 

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