Ons Jabeur Nationality: Ethnicity & Religion Revealed

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Ons Jabeur, born on August 28, 1994, is a highly accomplished Tunisian professional tennis player.

Ons Jabeur, born to Samira and Ridha Jabeur in the small town of Ksar Hellal, Tunisia, has emerged as a remarkable talent in the world of tennis.

Growing up in the coastal town of Sousse, Jabeur was surrounded by a supportive family and developed a strong passion for the sport from a young age.

Ons Jabeur
Ons Jabeur (Source: Wikidata)

With two older brothers, Hatem and Marwen, and an older sister, Yasmine, Jabeur was raised in an environment that fostered competition and a love for sports.

Her mother played tennis recreationally. She became a crucial influence in Ons’ life, introducing her to the sport when she was three.

Under the guidance of coach Nabil Mlika, Jabeur embarked on a remarkable journey in tennis.

Ons Jabeur Nationality: Ethnicity & Religion Revealed

Jabeur, an accomplished tennis player, identifies as a Muslim.

However, due to the demands of tournaments, she sometimes needs to make adjustments to certain practices, such as Ramadan.

Karim Kamoun, a former Russian-Tunisian fencer, has not only been Jabeur’s husband but also her fitness coach since mid-2017.

Ons Jabeur With Her Husband
Ons Jabeur With Her Husband (Source: People)

Apart from her native language Arabic, she is fluent in English and French.

Additionally, she is currently learning Russian to communicate with her husband in his native tongue.

Jabeur won the 2019 Arab Woman of the Year Award in the sports category, having reached the third round of the US Open and established herself as a permanent fixture in the top 100 that year.


Ons Jabeur has made remarkable achievements in her tennis career, reaching the pinnacle of success.

As of 27 June 2022, she achieved a career-high Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) ranking of world No. 2.

Not only is she currently the top-ranked Tunisian player, but she also holds the distinction of being the highest-ranked African and Arab tennis player in the history of WTA and ATP rankings.

Jabeur’s impressive record includes four singles titles on the WTA Tour and an additional eleven singles titles, and one doubles title on the ITF Circuit. Her prowess on the court has garnered her international recognition and acclaim.

In 2022, Jabeur made history by becoming the runner-up at both Wimbledon and the US Open, cementing her status as a trailblazer.

She is the first African, Muslim, and Arab player, regardless of gender, to reach a major singles final.

Her groundbreaking achievements have paved the way for aspiring tennis players from diverse backgrounds.

Jabeur’s remarkable journey showcases her talent, determination, and ability to overcome barriers, inspiring fans around the world.

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