Patricia Tig Husband Razvan Sabau: Married Life And Kids

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Professional tennis player Patricia Tig was formerly married to her longtime coach and former Romanian tennis player Razvan Sabau. Tig and her husband together had a daughter, Sofia, born out of wedlock.

While many sources still mention Sabau as Tig’s husband, it does not seem true. As per the reports, the couple had already broken up in 2021. However, because of the lack of a clear picture, it is still confusing for fans.

So, what exactly is the truth? Are Razvan Sabau and Patricia Tig still together? Read this article further to find out!

Patricia Tig Husband Razvan Sabau: Married Life And Kids
Romanian Professional Tennis Player Patricia Tig (Source: Alchetron. com)

Patricia Maria Tig, better known as Patricia Tig, is a Romanian athlete who has played professional tennis since 2009.

Currently, in her late twenties, Tig has won several tennis titles, including WTA tour singles titles and 18 titles on the ITF Circuit, combining both doubles and singles titles.

Moreover, Patricia has frequently participated in the Grand Slams for nearly a decade but has not won any trophies yet. Her most significant achievement in the Grand Slam was reaching the third round of the 2020 French Open.

She is currently at No. 700 in the WTA singles rankings. She reached her career-highest ranking of No. 56 in October 2020.

Patricia Tig Husband: Razvan Sabau

The Romanian former tennis player turned coach Razvan Sabau was born on June 18, 1977, in Bucharest, Romania. 

Interested in sports, especially in tennis, from a young age, Razvan took tennis classes at Nick Bolletiari Tennis Academy in his teens. While there, he became the junior Wimbledon Open champion in 1993.

Patricia Tig Husband Razvan Sabau: Married Life And Kids
Patricia Tig’s Ex-Husband, Razvan Sabau (Source: WOWBiz)

Razvan turned professional that same year at the age of 16. A year later, he participated in the Bucharest Open, where he reached the semifinals with fellow tennis athlete Andrei Pavel.

Furthermore, Razvan’s Grand Slam appearances in all his active years were very few, but he never reached past the first round. 

However, his ATP Tour performances were somewhat satisfactory. His most significant achievements in the event were reaching the semifinals twice, once in the 2003 Bucharest Open and then again in Gstaad in 2005.

Sabau remained active in the international tennis scene until late 2011 despite a few successes. In a nearly two-decades-long career, he just won around $700k as prize money.

Patricia Tig Husband: Relationship With Patricia, Married Life, And Kids

Razvan Sabau started his coaching career in 2010, and he met his pupil Patricia Tig while she came to his academy for training. At that time, she was an aspiring young tennis athlete in her early twenties.

However, as time passed, the two began liking each other and eventually started dating. Born on July 27, 1994, Patricia is 17 years younger than Razvan. 

Patricia Tig Husband Razvan Sabau: Married Life And Kids
Patricia Tig And Razvan Sabau (Source: Click!)

Under his guidance, Patricia made tremendous progress despite recurring injuries, which forced her out of the court once for nearly two years in the late 2010s.

Nevertheless, she believed in herself and her partner, as he always told her that they would make it to the Top 100 in the coming year. Doing better than that, Tig became the No. 56 in October 2020.

They had a daughter named Sofia in November 2018. Patricia and Razvan were not married at the time of their daughter’s birth, but the media addressed them as husband and wife in the early 2020s.

Sadly, the couple ended their relationship in 2021. Although Razvan had initially taken Sophia with him, Patricia later won custody of her daughter. As of 2022, Razvan left coaching tennis following this separation from Tig and started living in Cyprus.

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