Paul Basagoitia Wikipedia: Age, Family & Red Bull Accident

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The Wikipedia page of Paul Basagoitia reflects the life of an athlete who faced both the exhilarating highs and the devastating lows of professional mountain biking.

Paul Basagoitia, a name synonymous with resilience and determination, is a professional mountain biker.

This article explores key aspects of his life, including his age, family, and a critical turning point—the Red Bull Rampage accident that reshaped his life and career.

Paul Basagoitia Wikipedia And Age

Paul “Bas” Basagoitia was born in small-town Minden, Nevada, on December 12, 1986. He recently celebrated his 37th birthday.

Basagoitia grew up surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the Nevada mountains. That could be the reason he developed a passion for outdoor adventure and extreme sports.  

Paul Basagoitia Is A Two Time Crankworx Champion
Paul Basagoitia Is A Two Time Crankworx Champion (Source:

He discovered his love for biking early and started riding without training wheels when he was 2. 

The future star started competing in BMX races at 6. Moreover, he was ranked among the top BMX riders in the world by 10.

While his BMX racing days ended at age 14, his mountain bike career took off soon after.

Basagoitia began honing his skills on the trails, which eventually propelled him into the professional mountain biking scene.

Family Background

The mountain biker was born to his mother, Jackie, and father, Gabriel. Basagoitia also has an older sister named Carol Basagoitia. 

His parents played a significant role in shaping his character and supporting his pursuits. 

Gabriel, Basagoitia’s dad, even used to joke that his son could ride a bike before he could walk. 

Paul Basagoitia Celebrating 2016 Thanksgiving With Family
Paul Basagoitia Celebrating 2016 Thanksgiving With Family (Source: Facebook)

It was his mother, Jackie, who drove him to races and paid his entry fees. They would travel to races every weekend.

While she always pushed him to do better, she was also strict with him when he didn’t win.

Sadly, his parents did not get along well. As a result, they got divorced when Basagoitia was in the eighth grade.

Professional Career

An 18-year-old Basagoitia burst onto the scene at the first-ever Crankworx slopestyle event in 2004 in Whistler, Canada. 

He returned to Crankworx the following year and defended his title. However, he was fully sponsored by Kona Bikes this time around, marking a cornerstone in his career.

Basagoitia was among the biggest names in extreme mountain biking from 2005 through 2009.

Notably, he became the first person to land a 720 on a mountain bike. Furthermore, he performed tricks for baseball fans while aboard a barge floating on San Francisco Bay outside AT&T Park. 

The two-time Crankworx Champion also won the Red Bull District Champion throughout his career.

He signed a deal with Scott Bikes in 2013 and began producing his own web edits. In 2014, he made the finals at Red Bull Rampage.

Paul Basagoitia Wikipedia: The Red Bull Rampage Incident

The turning point in Basagoitia’s career came during the Red Bull Rampage in 2015 in the rocky deserts of Utah.

It is an extreme freeride mountain biking competition known for its daunting course and high stakes.

While attempting a trick, Basagoitia suffered a devastating crash that left him with a severe spinal cord injury.

Paul Basagoitia Pictured During The Recovery Process
Paul Basagoitia Pictured During The Recovery Process (Source: Facebook)

Reportedly, his pedal got caught on a branch, and he flipped over his handlebars, down over a ledge, and straight onto his back.

Basagoitia was helicoptered to the hospital from the scene and rushed into a ten-and-a-half-hour surgery. 

It was later revealed that he had a burst fracture in his T12 vertebra. He was left paralyzed from the waist down as the shattered vertebra compressed his spinal cord.

Recovery and Resilience

The aftermath of the Red Bull Rampage incident was a challenging period for Paul Basagoitia.

Paralyzed from the waist down, he faced a daunting journey of rehabilitation and recovery.

However, Basagoitia’s resilience shone through as he embraced the rehabilitation process with an unwavering spirit.

As his recovery progressed, he started to dream, and by the summer of 2019, he’s been riding e-bikes.

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