Philip Billing Parents: Father Marc Billing And Mother- Siblings

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Philip Billing parents are from different nationalities. Because he is half-Danish and half-Nigerian, he has been a victim of racial discrimination in the past.  

A staunch supporter of Black Lives Matter, Billing suffered racial discrimination on social media in March 2019. 

He had to endure several hate comments just because of his mixed heritage. 

Philip Billing In The Middle Of The Game
Philip Billing In The Middle Of The Game (Source: Instagram)

Philip Anyanwu Billing is a 27-year-old Danish-Nigerian professional soccer player who plays for AFC Bournemouth and the Denmark national team.

Although he primarily plays as a central midfielder, he is also adept in defensive midfield and attacking midfield roles.

Billing is known for his impressive left foot and has been represented by the player agency ROOF. He stands tall at 1.93 meters and holds dual citizenship of Denmark and Nigeria.

Billing wears a black wristband with the names of many victims of racial abuse and police brutality across the world. He does not shy away from saying their name. 

Phillip Billing Parents Come From Different Nationality 

The soccer player was born to his mother, Birta Billing, and father, Marc Billing.

Birta is Danish by nationality. Similarly, Marc comes from the Igbo community, an ethnic group of people who are native to Nigeria.

As per the Linkedin profile of Marc, he has completed the Huthwaite International,

It's Always Smiles With Philip Billing Parents
Philip Billing With His Mother (Source: Instagram)

Currently, he holds the position of business director at TS TECH A/S, where he has been working since May 2023.

Prior to this role, Marc served as a business developer at DIS- CREADIS Engineering & Consulting and as a sales manager at NorSea Group Denmark. 

Marc also held the position of sales manager/ factory manager of Steel N´Paint at NorSea Denmark. There, he started as a sales manager and later advanced to the position of Head of Sales and Quotations.

Similarly, Phillip’s mother, Brita, introduces herself by saying “YOLO” in her Facebook profile. She loves all of her children very much. 

Brita seems like someone who likes to stay inside her own bubble, as she has about 521 followers on her Instagram, which is set to private. 

Both of Phillip’s parents are his fans, and they try to attend each of his games. 

Phillip Billing Siblings: Brother Nicki And Sister Sissel 

Phillip grew up with two siblings, a brother named Nicki and a sister named Sissel. They are both younger than Phillip, and he loves both his siblings equally. 

As per Nicki’s Facebook profile, he went to Rørkjær Skole in his hometown, from where he completed his schooling in 2019. He currently works at the Persolit Stilladsfirma A/S.

On top of that, the younger brother is also a fitness freak. He does not shy away from posting his gains (shirtless pictures) on social media. 

Philip Billing Siblings Posing For A Photograph Session
Philip Billing Siblings Posing For A Photo (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Sissel is a sweetheart, and her big brother loves her very much. She completed her school at the same school as Nikki. 

She currently works at Blåmuslingen Haraldsgade, where she has been affiliated since 2021. 

Sissel loves dressing up and going to parties with her friends. She places the family on a very high level. Sissel also loves going on motorbike rides with her father

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