Pop Isaacs Lawsuit For Alleged Sexual Assault To Drew Steffe Sister

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According to Reddit users, Pop Isaacs, Drew Steffe, and Drew’s sister are all related to the recent lawsuit against Isaacs. This is all alleged and rumors floating on social media. 

The Texas Tech leading scorer, Pop Isaacs, has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor in the lawsuit. The incident took place in the Bahamas, and though the legal age in the Bahamas is 16, the victim was intoxicated and was unable to give consent. 

Texas Tech Has Stood Its Ground For Its Star Player
Texas Tech Has Stood It’s Ground For Its Star Player (Source: Instagram)

The victims’ family are seeking $1 million in damages. Texas Tech previously released a statement saying Pop remained in good standing and there was no reason to withhold him from University activities.

Some users on Reddit believe that the victim is allegedly Drew Steffe’s sister. Drew, a Texas Tech player, recently hit the transfer portal, having never played a single game for the side. He had been out of the team since mid-December due to family reasons. 

Pop Isaacs Lawsuit: Is The Steffe Family Involved?

As more days pass, the Pop Isaacs lawsuit gets more complicated. And now many on Reddit have speculated that the Steffe family might be involved.

The Texas Tech basketball player Pop Isaacs has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor during his trip to the Bahamas in November.

The court document published on Monday states that the victim was 17 years old and has been named “Janie Doe.” Janie traveled with her parents and a 16-year-old friend to the Bahamas to watch the Battle 4 Atlantis college basketball tournament. 

On the day, the tournament ended, Janie, her parents, and her friend had dinner at the Atlantis Resort. Janie and her family met the Texas Tech basketball team at the resort and had the chance to talk to Pop and another basketball player. 

Pop Pictured In October Hasn't Provided Any Statement
Pop Pictured In October Hasn’t Provided Any Statement (Source: Instagram)

The court record says that the victim’s father saw a man referred to as “Booster” in the documents buy several alcoholic drinks for Isaacs and other basketball players. 

During this time, the other basketball player and the 16-year-old started texting. He then invited Doe and the 16-year-old to his hotel room. Isaacs was already in the room, and after a while, he told Doe they should leave the room and give the other two privacy. 

The lawsuit claims Isaccs then began having sexual intercourse with the victim in his room. The court documents also state the victim remained intoxicated during the entire time. 

The documents further state that Doe did not consent to the intercourse and attempted to fight Isaccs off. 

The Steffe Family Relation To The Case (Alleged)

In the college basketball subreddit, a few users have speculated that the man referred to as “Booster” was actually the victim’s father. And the booster is Drew Steffe’s father, Matt Steffe, making the victim his sister, Ava Steffe. 

These are all rumors, and nothing has been proven to be true. 

Other users have said it is BS and that the victim’s father can’t be the booster. However, another user stated that there could be multiple boosters, including the victim’s father. 

The Steffe Family Pictured In November During Drew's Game
The Steffe Family Pictured In November During Drew’s Game (Source: Instagram)

The recent controversy surrounding Drew was one of the reasons why fans pointed out the Steffe family’s relation to the case. Drew Steffe recently hit the transfer portal and had been away from the team for the past few weeks. 

The reason provided by the head coach, Grant McCasland, was “family reasons.” Matt also liked a few Tweets recently about his son’s exit from Texas Tech. 

He had retweeted a meme video from the Texas Tech Barstool X page but has now removed it. Matt also liked two posts that stated the disappointment of Drew leaving Texas Tech. 

Drew’s exit remains a mystery, and it is to be seen where the case against Pop Isaacs goes from here. 

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