Who Is Matt Steffe, Drew Steffe Dad? Age And Wikipedia

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Drew Steffe Dad: As one of the top college basketball players, Drew has garnered a significant fan following with people looking for insight into his personal life.

Undoubtedly, the Steffe family has basketball in their DNA as his dad, Matt Steffe, shares experiences with the sport.

Labeled as a ‘high IQ’ player, Texas fans have taken well to young Drew, appreciating his hard work and talents.

Drew Steffe And Father Matt Steffe
Drew Steffe And Father Matt Steffe (Source: Instagram)

Currently a freshman at Texas Tech University, Drew Steffe is a native of Frisco, Texas. He attended Memorial High School in Texas, where he started his basketball career.

Commencing, ESPN rated him as a 4-star shooting guard going into college. Subsequently, he committed to Texas Tech, choosing Business Administration as his major.

Texas Tech fans are excited to see what Drew can bring to the floor next season. With such high expectations, he is working hard to make his basketball dreams a reality.

Drew Steffe Dad Age

Drew Steffe’s dad, former collegiate basketball player, and coach Matt Steffe, is currently 48 years old.

We deduced this information from the LA Times blog from 2000, where they mention Matt being 24 years old.

Drew Steffe Dad Matt Steffe
Drew Steffe Dad Matt Steffe (Source: D1 Basketball DFW)

Starting at just 24, Matt was one of the youngest coaches to enter competitive basketball.

After over two decades of coaching, Matt is a prominent name in the basketball circle.

Breaking the mold of coaches starting at a later age, Matt certainly set an example of achieving success at an early age.

Matt Steffe Wikipedia

Matt was born and raised in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, initiating his basketball journey at eight.

Following, he attended Hart High School in California, where he was a star player, earning many accolades.

Securing a complete NCAA Division I scholarship, Matt joined the Air Force Academy in the WAC Conference.

At Air Force, he won the MVP award for the top junior college tournament in the nation, the Hutchinson Junior College Tournament.

Afterward, he transferred to Quincy University, a formidable NCAA Division II program. Academically, he majored with a degree in communications.

The Steffe Family
The Steffe Family (Source: Instagram)

Following blazing performances at Quincy, he started playing in Croatia professionally.

After a brief playing career, Matt immediately got into coaching at the age of 24, starting as Assistant Coach of Quincy.

After coaching stints in Quincy and Portland, he started his entrepreneurial venture.

In 2013, he co-founded and launched his coaching academy ‘D1 Basketball DFW’.

The academy helps shape aspirant hoopers for the future. With experienced names like Matt teaching them, the young stars are certainly in good hands. 

Additionally, Matt handles all of the business relationships and partnerships for D1 Basketball DFW.

In terms of his personal life, Matt is married to his wife Beth, who was a star soccer player at Quincy. The couple has raised three children together: Drew, Ava, and Dylan.

Undoubtedly, the family shares a strong bond with Matt, often posting pictures of them on holidays or attending games on Instagram.

A family of athletes and sports lovers, the Steffes are competitive on the field and fun-loving off it. 

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