QB Jason Bean Parents: Father Kenneth Bean And Mother Francine

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As the rising star of the Kansas Jayhawks is making waves in college football, many are interested to know about Jason Bean parents.

Jason Bean, the talented American football quarterback, is making headlines with his impressive performances on the field.

The former North Texas standout has now found a new home as the quarterback for the Kansas Jayhawks.

Jason Bean Joined The University of Kansas In 2021
Jason Bean Joined The University of Kansas In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Bean’s football journey began during his high school years at Lake Ridge High School, where his skills started to shine.

After completing high school, he committed to college football, choosing the University of North Texas as his destination.

During his time at North Texas, Bean faced the challenges and triumphs of a college football career. However, it was in his third year that he truly made a name for himself.

He earned various accolades, including being named Conference USA Offensive Player of the Week and Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award Player of the Week.

In 2021, Jason decided to take his talents to the University of Kansas. He was named the starting quarterback for the Kansas Jayhawks’ season-opener in 2023.

Jason Bean Parents: Kenneth And Francine Bean

Behind every athlete’s achievements are the constant support and encouragement of their family.

Jason Bean is no exception, as his parents, Kenneth Bean and Francine Bean (née Kent), have been a source of inspiration and strength throughout his journey.

Born in the year 2000, Jason hails from Mansfield, Texas, and is the product of a multicultural family.

His father, Kenneth, is in his mid-fifties, while his mother, Francine, is in her early sixties.

Further, Jason has two brothers and a sister in the family. The quarterback’s background is unique, as he is of mixed race, with an African-American father and a white mother.

Jason Bean Parents Kenneth And Francine Bean
Jason Bean Parents, Kenneth And Francine Bean (Source: Facebook)

Jason Bean has kept his family life relatively private. But, his social media posts suggest that his parents have been very supportive throughout his football journey.

From an early age, they recognized his talent and actively facilitated his participation in high school football programs.

They were the ones taking him to practices and training camps. Moreover, they were always there on the sidelines, cheering him on during games.

Likewise, they celebrated his every achievement and offered comfort during the challenging times.

Thanks to the exceptional upbringing and support of his parents, Jason has become a top-tier collegiate player.

Given his rich football portfolio and the way he has risen to the occasion in critical moments, there’s a strong likelihood that he could be a top prospect in the NFL shortly.

Jason Bean Heroics Help Kansas Grab A Historic Win

Jason Bean showcased his resilience and talent in a thrilling game against the No. 6 Oklahoma team.

His experience and poise would prove crucial in a game that would become a classic in Kansas football history.

Kansas faced a tough challenge in the form of the highly-ranked Oklahoma team. The game was a rollercoaster of emotions for fans, with Jason Bean having both remarkable moments and challenges.

Jason Bean With His Father Kenneth And Brother Kyle
Jason Bean With His Father Kenneth And Brother Kyle (Source: Facebook)

Bean displayed remarkable resilience, passing for 54 yards and rushing for an additional 15 yards during the final drive.

His final stat line might not have been flawless, with 15-of-32 passing, 218 yards, and two interceptions, but it’s the result that matters most.

This might not have been his most impressive performance statistically, but it was undoubtedly his most important one for the Kansas Jayhawks.

The 38-33 victory over Oklahoma marked a significant milestone for the Kansas football program, as it was their first win over Oklahoma since 1997

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