Rachel Daly Parents Martyn And Louise Daly: Tribute To Late Father

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Rachel Daly believes her success is derived from constant sacrifice and the supportive strength of her parents. Her sports-loving family inspired her to play soccer.

The soccer player is currently shaking the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup with sheer skill.

Moreover, her recent performance against China caught a lot of attention because of her heartwarming celebration of her late father.

English Soccer Star Rachel Daly
English Soccer Star Rachel Daly (Source: Instagram)

Rachel Ann Daly is a 32-year-old English soccer star from North Yorkshire. She is a versatile player who has played in all defense, midfield, and attack positions.

Hailing from Harrogate, her youth career started at Leeds United. Rachel built her intermediate-level foundations by playing overseas in the USA.

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The Houston Dash drafted her as the sixth overall pick of the 2016 NWSL College Draft.

The player returned to England on a loan deal to West Ham United on September 3, 2020.

Additionally, he currently plays for Aston Villa women’s team and represents the Three Lionesses internationally.

Rachel Daly’s Parents: Martin and Louise Daly

The Englishwoman has established herself as one of the finest players in women’s soccer. However, none of these would be possible without her parents’ support.

Father Martin Daly

According to Rachel, her father, Martin, is the reason she started playing soccer. Seeing her dad and brother practice in the garden inspired her to play soccer.

Martin Daly instilled the soccer culture in his family. He supported Leeds United, and Rachel followed the same path.

Rachel Daly With Her Late Father Martin Daly
Rachel Daly With Her Late Father, Martin Daly (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Martin never failed to show his support towards his daughter. He was Rachel’s biggest fan and her worst critic.

Unfortunately, her father, Martin Daly, died suddenly on September 2021. Rachel loved her dad dearly. She still posts him on every special occasion.

Mother Louise Daly

Not forgetting about her mother, Louise Daly, is also her biggest source of strength.

Rachel Daly With Her Mother Louise Daly
Rachel Daly With Her Mother, Louise Daly (Source: Instagram)

Louise Daly always played the role of a rock standing behind her daughter’s struggles.

“My mum Louise has also been a huge part of my support system. Every single England game I’ve played in – she gets there early so she can wave at the bus and all the girls when we get off!”

Rachel’s Brother and Step-Dad

Moreover, the player considers her brother Andy and stepdad Jim crucial to her success story.

Rachel Daly With Her Brother Andy, Mother And Step-Dad Jim
Rachel Daly With Her Brother Andy, Mother, And Step-Dad Jim (Source: EnglandFootball)

Andy teamed up with their father, Martin, and trained her sister, helping her perfect the game and furnish her skills.

Furthermore, Jim took his stepdaughter all over the country to play and always supported Rachel’s passion for the game.

Rachel Daly’s Tribute to Late Father 

Since her father’s death, Rachel has been living her professional career differently.

Moreover, each time she steps out on the pitch, she plays in remembrance of her late father. 

Rachel Daly After A Win Showing Her Special Wristband
Rachel Daly After A Win Showing Her Special Wristband (Source: Instagram)

“When I get on the pitch, it’s not just about me performing, it’s me performing to make my dad even more proud than he already was.”, Rachel said.

Especially she always brings up her iconic celebration. Whenever Rachel scores a goal, she kisses her wristband with “Dad” written on it.

When she scored a late goal just days after her dad died, she concluded the emotional game with a special tribute to her father.

Furthermore, in England’s recent game against China in the World Cup, Rachel scored her first-ever world cup goal and performed the same emotional celebration.


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