Rangers Owner Ray Davis Wife: Linda Davis And Three Kids

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Fans are intrigued by Ray Davis wife as the billionaire Texas Rangers owner stood in front of the baseball world and accepted the team’s first World Series trophy.

Davis celebrated with players and coaches after the victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks in Game 5 of the World Series.

Ray Davis Has Co-Owned The Texas Rangers Since 2010
Ray Davis Has Co-Owned The Texas Rangers Since 2010 (Source: Star-telegram.com)

Ray C. Davis is a prominent American businessman with a long and distinguished career in the energy industry.

His remarkable journey in the business world played a key role in shaping the financial landscape.

As the Chairman and CEO of Avatar Investments, L.P., Davis has overseen a diverse range of investments.

However, his most widely recognized association is with the world of sports. The majority owner of the Texas Rangers, Davis served as the co-chairman of the team.

Under his ownership, the Rangers have achieved notable success in Major League Baseball. They secured numerous A.L. West Division titles and two A.L. pennants while consistently reaching postseason play.

Ray Davis’s business acumen, combined with his love for baseball, has made him a significant figure both on and off the field.

Ray Davis Wife: Linda Davis

Despite his high-profile business and sports roles, Ray Davis remains an enigmatic figure in the public eye as he prefers to maintain a low profile.

This air of mystery surrounding his personal life has left the public curious about his family and personal relationships.

Ray Davis is, in fact, a married man, and his wife is Linda Davis. While Linda is known to be the better half of Ray, a successful businessman, she tends to stay away from any public interactions.

The couple has managed to keep their marriage and personal life under the blinds. There is little information available about the exact date of their marriage.

Ray Davis Mostly Stays Far From Public And Media
Ray Davis Mostly Stays Far From Public And Media (Source: MLB)

Despite their privacy, it is clear that Ray and Linda share a strong and enduring bond.

Davis humorously mentioned in an interview that his wife, Linda, often stays up late to watch West Coast games. The routine is the same even when the games don’t involve the Rangers.

Their shared passion for baseball, albeit with different schedules, reflects a shared love for the sport.

Davis currently resides in North Texas with his beloved wife. Together, they own a beautiful piece of property known as the White Pine/Double Heart Ranch near Gunnison, Colorado.

Davis had purchased this property for $18 million in 2007 and served as a retreat after retiring from Energy Transfer Partners.

Ray Davis Kids

In a rare interview granted to The Dallas Morning News in 2015, Ray Davis revealed that he and Linda have three children and three grandchildren.

However, much like the rest of his personal life, the identities of his children remain undisclosed. 

When asked about whether he would be willing to share their names in the interview, Davis politely declined, maintaining the privacy and anonymity that surrounds his family.

Ray Davis’ Take On World Series Championship

The Texas Rangers won their first World Series title on Wednesday night (November 1, 2023) in its 63-year history.

They defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks in Game 5 to clinch a 4-1 series victory. 

Ray Davis Celebrating The World Series Title
Ray Davis Celebrating The World Series Title (Source: The Dallasnews)

It was likely the first time many fans had ever seen Ray Davis smile or seen him at all.

“All I can say is we’re World Series champions forever. Can’t ever take it away from us,” Davis said in an interview with NBC 5

Reportedly, Davis committed over $800 million in free-agent contracts over the last two years. His investment was worth it, as it resulted in the franchise’s first World Series title.

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