Rashaun Jones Wikipedia And Age: Where Is The Arrested NFL Prospect Now?

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Rashaun Jones Wikipedia- The former University of Miami football player Rashaun Jones was arrested in 2021. Jones was charged with second-degree murder of his teammate Bryan Pata.

The two were enemies and didn’t get along well. But was that enough for one man to take the life of another guy? An NFL prospect, Pata’s body was found outside his apartment complex in 2006. 

Jones Pictured During His Playing Days With The University of Miami
Jones Pictured During His Playing Days With The University of Miami (Source: Facebook)

One of the first reasons Jones was suspected of Pata’s killing was his phone records. He was not home that night, as he claimed. An eyewitness had also said they had seen Jones walking quickly from the scene of the murder. 

But the former Miami player has said he remains innocent. Jones continues to live in Miami, and last year, he was finally granted a $80,000 bond. On social media, he continues to say he is not guilty of killing his former teammate. 

Rashaun Jones Wikipedia And Age 

Rashaun Jones, born in Lake City, Florida, played football at Columbia High School- South. Jones, 37, was rated the No. 46 prospect in Florida when the University of Miami recruited him in 2004.

Rashaun played as a defensive back, and as a senior in high school, he had 60 tackles and recorded eight interceptions. Previously, he also played as a receiver in offense and made 21 catches for 390 yards.

At Miami, Jones played the final four games of his freshman year. He tallied one tackle in four games and managed to score a touchdown. In his sophomore year, Jones played as a special teams player and starred in eight games. 

But his football career started to go downhill in his third year at Miami. In his third year, Jones was suspended from the team after having failed a third positive marijuana test.

Rashaun Jones (No.38) Pictured Mourning Pata's Death With Miami Teammates
Rashaun Jones (No.38) Pictured Mourning Pata’s Death With Miami Teammates (Source: Instagram)

It was also in his third year that his teammate Bryan Pata had been shot and killed. Jones is believed to be the main culprit of his teammate’s murder. 

But Rashaun’s family has stood by his side. Previously, WPLG interviewed Rashaun’s wife, Ishenda Jones. In her interview, Ishenda said the police had the wrong guy. 

The former football player is active on social media and has shared several posts saying he is innocent. On his Facebook handle, Jones has also tagged several sites such as The Shade Room, OWN, and The Bloggers TMZ so he could share his side of the story. 

Where Is Rashaun Jones Now? 

Rashaun Jones had been the main suspect in Bryan Pata’s killing before he was arrested in 2021. The case had remained unsolved for 15 years. 

Pata, a future NFL prospect and a star player in Miami’s side was found shot dead outside his apartment complex. The incident happened shortly after a football practice on November 7, 2006. 

Jones and Pata weren’t the best of friends. The two had come to blows a couple of times over different issues. One such issue was related to the player’s girlfriend. Jones had dated Pata’s girlfriend. 

According to a release by State Attorney Katherin Fernandez Rundle and Miami-Dde Police Director Alfredo “Freddy” Ramirez III, Pata had told his brother Edwin that Jones had threatened to shoot him in the head. 

Rashaun Jones Pictured In 2022 At The Court To Listen To His Bond Hearing
Rashaun Jones Pictured In 2022 At The Court To Listen To His Bond Hearing (Source: YouTube)

When Jones was arrested in August 2021, he maintained that he was not guilty. In a videotaped statement, Jones insisted he had nothing to do with the shooting. 

In March 2022, Jones was granted a bond and was allowed to be released. During the ruling, it was revealed that Jones had been living in a county north of Miami before his arrest.

It was also disclosed that Jones had remained in the state for many years after Pata’s killing. During his trial, Jones shared that he had been working as a youth coach before his arrest.  

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