Ricardo Pietreczko Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Lena Welc?

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Although Ricardo Pietreczko stands out prominently in the world of professional darts, many do not have any idea whether he has a wife.

The German PDC Darts-Professional is making headlines following his exit from the 2024 PDC World Darts Championship.

Ricardo Pietreczko Is The Winner Of The 2023 German Darts Championship
Ricardo Pietreczko Is The Winner Of The 2023 German Darts Championship (Source: Facebook)

Ricardo Pietreczko, nicknamed Pikachu, is a German professional darts player. He has played in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events since 2022.

Born on October 20, 1994, Pietreczko has carved a niche for himself as a skilled and accomplished darts player.

His journey in the realm of darts began at the age of 16. Reportedly, his father introduced him to the sport by placing a dartboard in his room.

Currently competing in PDC events, Pietreczko has achieved notable milestones. His accolades include being a German Champion and a bronze medalist at the WDF World Cup.

In 2018, he clinched victories at the Donnersberg Cup and the German Championship, marking significant milestones in his career.

Pietreczko’s breakthrough on the PDC European Tour came in September of the same year.

Finally, he triumphed at the 2023 German Darts Championship, securing his first PDC title by defeating Peter Wright in the final.

Does Ricardo Pietreczko Have A Wife?

While Ricardo Pietreczko’s prowess on the dartboard is well-documented, fans are often curious about his personal life. Thus, many are inquisitive about his relationship status.

The German darts champion has been open about his romance with his girlfriend, Lena Welc.

Ricardo Pietreczko And His Girlfriend Lena Welc
Ricardo Pietreczko And His Girlfriend Lena Welc (Source: Facebook)

However, as of now, the couple has not tied the knot. Despite achieving success in his professional life, Pietreczko seems to be taking his time when it comes to marriage.

For now, the German dart champion and his girlfriend, Lena Welc, continue to enjoy their romantic relationship.

Nonetheless, it has left fans and well-wishers speculating about a possible future wedding.

Meet Ricardo Pietreczko Girlfriend, Lena Welc

Lena Welc, the significant other of German PDC Darts professional Ricardo Pietreczko, is more than just a supportive partner.

Born on May 2, 1996, in Hanover, Germany, Lena shares her boyfriend’s passion for darts.

Affiliated with the DSV Stingrays Hannover Dart Club, she actively manages their social media content.

Lena also contributes to the dart community by working at Viktor’s Dartshop in Hanover, showcasing her dedication to the sport.

Likewise, Lena is professionally trained as an office management clerk. She passed her final examination by the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2018.

Additionally, she is associated with W. Hippke & Partner Steuerberater und Rechtsanwälte, a tax consultant company.

Lena Welc Is Associated With DSV Stingrays Hannover Dart Club
Lena Welc Is Associated With DSV Stingrays Hannover Dart Club (Source: Facebook)

While Lena Welc may not be as well-known in the darting world as her partner, she occasionally competes in dart tournaments.

As per reports, she was involved in the 2023 DBH Championship, suggesting a genuine passion for the sport.

In light of her Facebook bio, the couple officially started their relationship on October 7. Meanwhile, their first picture together dates back to May 2023.

Despite their relationship’s relative newness, Pietreczko continues supporting Lena by attending her tournaments.

Recently, Lena even took to Facebook, saying, “Thanks for the surprise darling, Ricardo Pietreczko.” The post came after the conclusion of the 2023 Stingray Masters series.

It showcases the strong bond they share both on and off the dartboard, which likely brought them together in the first place.

As the couple navigates their professional and personal lives together, fans eagerly anticipate the following chapters in their story.

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