Richie James Net Worth 2024: Contract, Salary & Earnings

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American football star Richie James’s net worth is estimated to be millions.

The accomplished American football wide receiver and return specialist has significantly influenced the NFL.

Furthermore, his prowess in football and track earned him multiple state titles, setting the stage for a promising athletic career.

Richie James One Of The Richest NFL Player
Richie James is One Of The Richest NFL Players. (source: Instagram)

Richie James carved out a successful career as an American football wide receiver and return specialist.

James committed to playing football for the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders in high school in 2014.

His professional journey in the NFL began in 2018 when the San Francisco 49ers drafted him.

Furthermore, he has contributed to different teams, including the New York Giants and his current team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Richie James Net Worth, Contract, Salary and Earnings

Richie James, born on September 5, 1995, originates from Sarasota, Florida, and attended Riverview High School.

The star has made a name for himself as one of the wealthiest players in the NFL scene. 

Moreover, he has signed a million-dollar contract with the New York Giants in 2023.

In his contract with the Giants, he receives a guaranteed salary of 400k and a prorated bonus of 150k, summing up to a base salary of around $1 million.

Richie James Estimated Net Worth Is 5 Million Dollars
Richie James’ Estimated Net Worth Is $5 Million (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, his four-year rookie contract with the San Francisco 49ers, signed in 2018, was worth $2.53 million.

Subsequently, his move to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2022 involved a one-year contract valued at $1.232 million.

As of January 2024, his estimated net worth is about $5 million.

Beyond contracts, James has garnered substantial income from salary and endorsements, contributing significantly to his overall net worth.

Richie James Family, Siblings And Ethnicity 

Richie James’s dedication to football was evident during his Middle Tennessee State University college years.

However, details about his personal life appear to be minimal.

Despite an open spotlight on his professional career, fans and the public have yet to receive insights into Richie James’ ethnic background.

As of now, his ethnicity remains an undisclosed aspect of his narrative.

Despite actively engaging on social media platforms, the player has refrained from sharing any dedicated posts related to his family. 

Richie James And Jit
Richie James And “Jit.” (source: Instagram)

However, some of his Instagram highlights have images of him as a child alongside another child.

While he has not explicitly confirmed the child’s identity in the picture as his sister, we can only assume they are somehow related.

He shared the picture while responding to a fan’s question, referring to the unidentified child as “Jit.”

Additionally, he has posted another childhood picture featuring “Jit” and another female child.

While the pictures may leave us uncertain, one thing is evident: Richie has harbored a love for football since a young age and has been an avid fan of the Kansas City Chiefs.

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