Rick Dennison Wife Shannon Dennison: Saints Run Game Coordinator Kids

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Rick Dennison and his beloved wife, Shannon Dennison, have embarked on a joyous journey of marriage, cherishing each moment they share.

Their familial joy extends to their five children. Among them are twin daughters, a delightful pair that brings an extra dose of laughter and warmth to their bustling household.

American Football Coach And Former Player Rick Dennison
American Football Coach And Former Player Rick Dennison (Source: NFL)

Rick Steven Dennison, born on June 22, 1958, is a prominent figure in American football, known for his dual roles as player and coach.

Dennison graduated from Rocky Mountain High School in 1976, excelling in football, baseball, and basketball. Later, he continued his athletic and academic pursuits at Colorado State University.

Transitioning to the NFL, Dennison played linebacker for the Denver Broncos from 1982 to 1990, contributing to multiple Super Bowl appearances.

His coaching career began in 1995 with the Broncos. He served in various capacities, including offensive assistant, special teams coordinator, and offensive line coach until 2009.

Dennison then held positions as offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos (2006–2008, 2015–2016), Houston Texans (2010–2013), and Buffalo Bills (2017). He also had a stint as quarterbacks coach for the Baltimore Ravens in 2014.

Beyond the Broncos, Dennison’s coaching prowess extended to the New York Jets in 2018. It culminated in his role as senior offensive advisor for the Minnesota Vikings from 2019 to 2021.

Rick Dennison Wife, Shannon Dennison

Rick Dennison joyfully entered into matrimony with his beloved wife, Shannon, sealing their commitment with love and devotion.

As stated, Rick and Shannon are blessed with a beautiful family of five children; each cherished as a precious blessing.

Their family dynamic is a delightful mix of sons and daughters, with Joseph, Steven, and Trey infusing their home with vibrant energy and contagious laughter.

Adding to the joy and excitement are their twin daughters, Abrynn and Allie, who fill their household with boundless smiles and a bond of sibling camaraderie.

Rick Dennison With His Daughters Allie And Abrynn And His Son Trey
Rick Dennison With His Daughters Allie And Abrynn And His Son Trey (Source: North Jersey)

Furthermore, following in her father’s footsteps, Abrynn actively engages in sports and showcased her talent on the tennis courts of Eastern Christian School.

Reflecting on their family’s dynamic, Shannon Dennison acknowledges the challenges of their somewhat nomadic lifestyle.

She finds it occasionally overwhelming yet admires how Allie and Abrynn quickly adapt.

During moments of career transition, such as Rick’s departure from Buffalo, Shannon fondly recalled the enthusiastic support of their twins.

Instead of the fear of having to leave their friends, the twin daughters cheered her on as they welcomed the journey to the Jets.

Rick Dennison deeply values the perspectives and well-being of his family members.

Similarly, he ensures their feelings are always considered in his career decisions and expresses immense gratitude for their unwavering support.

New Orleans Saints Set to Add Rick Dennison to Their Offensive Coaching Staff

According to NFL Insider Jordan Schultz, the New Orleans Saints are in the process of adding Rick Dennison to their offensive coaching staff.

Schultz indicates the Saints are hiring Rick Dennison as their run game coordinator.

This move marks Dennison’s return to football after a two-year hiatus.

Houston Texans Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison During A Game Against The Kansas City Chiefs
Houston Texans Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison During A Game Against The Kansas City Chiefs (Source: USA TODAY Sports)

Moreover, it brings him a fortune of versatility and experience as one of the most esteemed offensive coaches in the league.

His addition will strengthen the expertise of the New Orleans run game coordinator, working alongside new coordinator Klint Kubiak.

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