Riley Hawk Net Worth: How Rich Is Tony Hawk Son?

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“After recently getting married, fans are curious if Riley Hawk Net Worth is worth signing a prenup for. Read till the end to find out.”

His wife Frances Bean Cobain, had lost a lot of her money to her former husband after losing a divorce suit with him.

So fans are concerned that Riley and his wife might lose the total value of their net worth if this ends badly. 

Riley Hawk Posing In A Park With His Skateboard
Riley Hawk Posing In A Park With His Skateboard (Source: Twitter)

Hudson Riley Hawk is an American professional skateboarder. He was born on  December 6, 1992, in Carlsbad, California, U.S.

Largely inspired and motivated by his father, the legendary Tony Hawk,  Riley started skateboarding at a very young age. 

However, his style of skateboarding is completely different from his father’s. Tony prefers the “vert” style of boarding, while Riley leans towards a “Street” style.

On his 21st birthday in December 2013, he turned professional and Skateboarder Magazine named him the 2013 Amateur of the Year.

Being a musician himself, Riley is a big rock and roll fan. He says that his musical taste starts all the way back from ’60s music. 

He is a big fan of the band Deep Purple, one time he had to take a break from listening to them because he had played it for about a month in his car. 

Let’s Talk Money: Riley Hawk Net Worth

Riley Hawk’s net worth is somewhere around the lines of $2 million. This is significantly lower than his father’s net worth

Well, Tony is a legend in the skateboarding world so it is unnecessary to compare his son to him. 

However, one might wonder if Tony passed down some of his money to Riley to make life more comfortable for his son. 

Well, this is not the case as Riley has clearly stated that he hates taking money from his family

He is grateful for the fact that his sponsors support him very much and he makes money from skating for them. 

The list of his sponsors includes Baker Skateboards and Lakai footwear. These brands have even made custom products to Riley’s name.

Lakai Is One Of Riley Hawk's Sponsors Which Help His Net Worth
Lakai Is One Of Riley Hawk’s Sponsors Which Help His Net Worth (Source: Facebook)

This enables him to get a cut of the sales revenue. Furthermore, he has his own character in the Tony Hawk games.

This has enabled him to further generate revenue from the games. Hawk appears in three Tony Hawk video games: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.

Riley also fronts a punk rock band known as Warish. He is the singer and guitarist there. 

The band has released many albums such as ” Next to Pay” which further helps to strengthen his net worth. 

Who Is Riley’s Newly Wed Wife? Frances Bean Cobain

Riley has recently gotten married to Frances Bean Cobain who is the daughter of the Late Kurt Cobain. 

This might feel surreal for Riley as Kurt was the frontman for the grunge band Nirvana which has heavily influenced Riley’s own music. 

R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe officiated the marriage ceremony between the couple in Los Angeles on October 7. He is also the godfather of Frances.

The couple acquired their marriage license in the month before. Frances had publicly disclosed her relationship with pro skateboarder Riley last year.

Riley Hawk Newly Wed Wife Frances Cobain
Riley Hawk Newly Wed Wife Frances Cobain (Source: Instagram)

Following a social media hiatus, she returned in January 2022, sharing moments of joy, including their relationship.

Frances had previously wed Isaiah Silva for 21 months before filing for divorce in 2016. One of the major claims in the divorce suit was that Silva was not entitled to any of the money from France’s father.

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