Riley Leonard Girlfriend Molly Walding: Relationship Timeline

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Riley Leonard girlfriend, Molly Walding, has been in his life since his high school days. It seems like the couple will make it to the end. 

Molly Walding used to be a cheerleader during her high school days, and even after her graduation, she is still cheering for her boyfriend. 

Riley Leonard In A Game
Riley Leonard In A Game (Source: Instagram)

Riley Leonard is an American football quarterback for the Duke Blue Devils. The athlete attended Fairhope High School, where he played high school basketball. 

His routine was to wake up and go to football practice in the mornings and basketball practice in the afternoon. 

He guided the basketball team to the final four in Birmingham and quarterbacked the Pirates into a Class 7A playoff place.

The coronavirus epidemic shortened the school year by two months, but he still had to compete in a number of track and field competitions.

Leonard played in seven games and made one start as a true freshman at Duke in 2021. In 2022, he was named as the starting quarterback for the team. 

Riley Leonard Girlfriend: Molly Walding

Riley is currently dating Molly Walding, and the couple have been dating since their high school days. 

The exact date of them being official is a bit hazy, but on June 25, Molly posted a picture of Riley on her Instagram, saying, “Nothing beats surprising you, the best host😇 Yay for 4.5 yrs – I’m so lucky!”

Hence, we may conclude that they started dating sometime around late 2018 or early 2019.

Molly also went to Fairhope High School, and this is where the couple first met. She used to be a cheerleader there while Riley would be playing basketball and football. 

Riley Leonard With Girlfriend Molly Walding
Riley Leonard With Girlfriend Molly Walding (Source: Instagram)

She is very social at her university and is engaged in clubs such as Chi Omega Fraternity, Auburn High School Young Life Leader, and Auburn Community Church.


Her sister is Anna Walding, who also went to the same university as Molly. Anna is currently an artist and is engaged in home decor. 

Despite being in different colleges now, the couple’s love has not faltered one bit. Molly claims that the best part of summer is when she gets holidays to go see Riley play. 

Meet His Parents, Chad And Heather Leonard 

Chad and Heather Leonard are the parents of Riley Leonard. His father, Chad Leonard, was a Division I basketball player and was one of Pat Dennis’ early recruits at The Citadel in the mid-1990s.

He was a four-year starter for the Bulldogs, finishing as one of the school’s all-time steals leaders.

Chad stayed as a standout basketball player at The Citadel from 1992 to 1995.

After all the things that we’ve talked about, how good Riley was even in basketball, he has never been able to beat his father in a one-on-one game. 

Riley Leonard With His Parents
Riley Leonard With His Parents (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Riley has a unique and special relationship with his mother, Heather. Heather helps keep him inspired so that he doesn’t become overconfident from the stardom.

The junior quarterback Leonard receives the words “you suck” from his mother before every game.

Furthermore, he also wears a bracelet bearing those same words, which serve as a constant reminder to keep improving.

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