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Riqui Puig parents have been the pillars of strength and motivation throughout his journey to success. Carlos Puig and Lali Marti were instrumental in fostering his love for soccer from an early age. 

The former Barcelona wonder kid is constantly providing a reminder of his talents after sumptuous assists and goals for the LA Galaxy.

This article dives into the heartwarming tale that of Riqui Puig that go beyond the pitch.

Riqui Puig Won 2020–21 Supercopa de España With Barcelona
Riqui Puig Celebrating 2020–21 Supercopa de España With Barcelona (Source: Instagram)

Ricard “Riqui” Puig Martí is a Spanish professional soccer player who plays as a midfielder for Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy.

Born on 13 August 1999 in n Matadepera, Barcelona, Puig comes from FC Barcelona’s prestigious soccer academy “La Masia.”

Nevertheless, he started his soccer journey by joining his hometown club’s academy, Jabac Terrassa, at the age of six.

Similarly, Puig was signed up by Barcelona in 2013 and was promoted to Barcelona’s senior team, where started his professional career.

The midfielder has won La Liga, Copa Del Rey, and Supercopa de España titles with the Spanish giant Barcelona.

Puig was named MLS All-Star 2023 as he helped his team qualify for the 2022 MLS Cup Playoffs.

Riqui Puig Parents: Carlos Puig And Lali Marti

Riqui Puig grew up in a soccer-loving family. He was an avid Barcelona fan, and his passion for the sport was evident from an early age.

His father, Carlos Puig, was also a professional soccer player. Carlos played as a left-back at Terrassa FC, Barcelona, all of his career.

Carlos, being a former soccer player himself, played a significant role in shaping Riqui’s early soccer career. As of now, he is also Riqui’s agent.

He not only passed on his knowledge of the game but also instilled values of discipline, perseverance, and dedication in his son.

Carlos used to take both of his sons to Barcelona games. Puig himself recalled watching a soccer game at Camp Nou at three years of age.

Riqui Puig Parents Carlos Puig And Lali Marti Are His Best Supporters
Riqui Puig’s Parents, Carlos Puig, And Lali Marti (Source: Instagram)

Lali Marti, on the other hand, provided unwavering emotional support and was a constant source of encouragement for Riqui. Riqui Puig’s mother is a homemaker.

The path to success is seldom smooth, and the Puig family had their share of challenges. Riqui had to leave FC Barcelona, the club of his life, which was a major setback.

However, his family stood firmly by his side, providing the support and strength he needed to keep moving forward.

Carlos and Lali ever taught their son to keep his feet on the floor and stay humble. 

Their belief in his talent and potential never wavered, inspiring Riqui to persevere even during the most trying times. 

Meet Riqui Puig Brother Ton

Antonio “Ton” M Puig Martí is the older brother of LA Galaxy’s Spaniard midfielder. Besides his parents, Riqui Puig shares a special bond with his brother.

By profession, Ton is an Architect alongside being an entrepreneur and a businessman. He is the co-founder of companies like Amonton, BIGSHOTS, and Maarma.

The Barcelona native graduated with a degree in Architecture from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in June 2021. 

Riqui Puig Brother Ton Is An Architect
Riqui Puig Brother Ton Is An Architect (Source: Instagram)

Ton has been an ardent supporter of Riqui throughout his journey. He has seen lots of matches together with his brother throughout their childhood.

In light of Ton’s Instagram feed, we can say that Riqui Puig shares a special bond with his older brother.

The Puig brothers spend quality time together whenever Ton is in the US. They go on vacations and golfing on occasion.

Ton’s admiration for his younger brother is evident both on and off the field.

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