Robyn Moodaly Parents: Craig Moodaly And Eleanor Moodaly

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The professional soccer player Robyn Moodaly believes she is fortunate enough to be born into a family of soccer fans.

Her parents and fans are so proud of how well she played in the Women’s World Cup after South Africa’s recent victory. The nation qualifies for the last-16 round of the tournament after defeating Italy 3-2.

Born to parents Craig and Eleanor Moodaly, Robyn began playing the game at seven. As it was a tradition to play the game in their community, she initially joined the game just for fun.

The South African Soccer Midfielder Robyn Moodaly
The South African Soccer Midfielder Robyn Moodaly (Source: Instagram)

Over the years, it became her passion, and eventually, with hard work and practice, she made it into her national team squad.

Her parents, who saw her grow into a professional soccer player, have always stood by her side and supported her.

Moodaly’s soccer career reached great heights quite sooner than expected. Her parents sent her to High-Performance Center in Pretoria to practice soccer, where the selectors immediately chose her for U-17 national team, impressed by her performance.

She was just sixteen when she made her senior team debut against Zambia in January 2011. Since then, Moodaly has been an integral part of the South African women’s soccer squad.

The pride of South Africa also stayed in the United States, playing soccer for the Colorado Rush Women of the USL W-League. However, her stint with the team was very brief.

Robyn Moodaly Parents, Craig, And Eleanor Moodaly

Robyn Moodaly is the youngest child of her parents, Craig and Eleanor. She was born on June 16, 1994, in Eastern Cape, South Africa. She also has an elder sibling named Megan.

Even though South African women have fewer participation rates in soccer, it was different for Robyn from the start. She grew up seeing her dad play the game and had heard her grandfather’s story from those days when he used to play soccer.

Robyn Moodaly's Dad Craig Moodaly
Robyn Moodaly’s Dad, Craig Moodaly (Source: Facebook)

These small but significant childhood incidents always brought her closer to the game, so she began playing it with her friends and family when she was still a little.

Later, when she began showing promise, Craig and Eleanor sent her to Pretoria to train with better coaches. Her family stayed behind in her native Germiston but often visited her when she had important games.

Her mom, dad, and elder sister were always there in the stands to cheer her up since she began participating in sports activities. When she called her parents after getting selected for the first time for the senior squad, the happiest people were Craig and Eleanor.

The two are still their daughter’s greatest supporters and are praying for Robyn’s team to win this World Cup edition.

Robyn Attended College In The United States

After graduating high school in South Africa, Robyn Moodaly moved to the United States to pursue higher education. She initially attended AIB College of Business in Des Moines, Iowa.

Robyn Moodaly
Robyn Moodaly (Source: SVT Nyheter)

Moodaly had hoped to continue playing soccer in college, but she did not get the opportunity because of administrative complications. However, the coaches allowed her to train with other players there.

A year later, she moved to the University of Northwestern Ohio, where she studied Sports Management and Business. However, she did not play many games there either, as she often traveled with her national team to play games abroad.

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