Rocker Steiner Wife: Is He Married Or Have A Girlfriend?

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Rocker Steiner wife!! The bareback rider is a new face emerging among bareback riding sports fans, and there is anticipation that he will continue the legacy of his family.

At just 19 years old, Steiner is gaining fame among people not solely due to his former Rodeo star parents but also for clinching the Rookie of the Year award.

Similarly, some people are curious about whether the rider is married or currently dating someone.

Rocker Steiner The Rookie Of The Year Winner
Rocker Steiner The Rookie Of The Year Winner (Source: Instagram)

Rocker Steiner was born on December 18, 2003, to Sid Steiner and Jamie Steiner in Texas, United States.

Growing up in the city of rodeo, Rocker, the Rookie of the Year, competed as a child wakeboarder.

Furthermore, with the support of his father and grandfather, Bobby Steiner and Ty Murray, Rocker began riding in 2018.

Making a thrilling Pro Rodeo debut in 2022, he entered the NFR in the Top 5 in the PRCA World Standings and exited as the 10th-ranked bareback rider and the Resistol Rookie of the Year.

Securing a 12th-place finish in the average with 754.5 points on nine heads, he marked his presence as an NFR rookie.

In 2023, the rider achieved victories in more than 10 competitions across America within a single year.

Rocker Steiner Wife: Is He A Married Man? Or Dating?

The bareback rider is unmarried and has yet to share his wedding vows with his significant other. However, he is in a relationship with a girl named Stormie Goldsmith.

Stormie Goldsmith, a social media influencer, commands a large fan following on both her Instagram and YouTube accounts.

As per their Instagram posts, it seems that the couple hasn’t been in a relationship for an extended period. They have both shared some of their moments on social media.

Furthermore, Steiner and Goldsmith seem to like partying and traveling for vacations.

Rocker Stiner And Stormie Goldsmith
Rocker Stiner And Stormie Goldsmith (Source: Instagram)

Goldsmith graduated from Dripping Springs High School in the city of Dripping Springs, Texas.

Additionally, Stormie, the youngest among three sisters, has two siblings, Jayci Goldsmith and Keeley Goldsmith. Their parents are Brandi Goldsmith and Doug Goldsmith.

Her sister Jayci Goldsmith plays college tennis for the Texas A&M Women’s Tennis team.

Steiner Family Legacy

The professional bareback rider comes from a family rich in Rodeo sports history. His father, Sid Steiner, was a Steer wrestler who achieved the title of 2002 PRCA Steer Wrestling World Champion.

Similarly, his mother, Jamie Steiner, qualified for the National Finals Rodeo in barrel racing in 2000, showcasing her skills as a barrel racer.

Moreover, his father and grandfather were involved in the rodeo as well. Rocker Steiner’s grandfather, Bobby Steiner, or “Baba,” earned the title of world champion bull rider.

Similarly, Rocker’s grandmother, Joleen Steiner, participated as a barrel racer in Houston. Fifty years ago, Bobby became engaged to Joleen Steiner at the Astrodome.

In addition to Rocky, his sister, Steely Steiner, is also a professional barrel racer, much like her mother.

The Three Generation Steiner Family
The Three Generation Steiner Family (Source: Click2Houston)

When Rocker was nine to ten years old, he asked his grandfather whether he had the physique of a bull rider.

During this conversation, his grandfather asserted that he must build himself like a bareback rider.

When Rocker decided to try bareback riding, Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer Ty Murray provided him with tutoring.

The Steiner family started the Austin-Texas-based Steiner Rodeo Company in the 1930s. Buck Steiner, Bobby’s grandfather, was one of the first then-RCA stock contractors in central Texas.

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