Rodney Terry Kids: Does He Share Any With Girlfriend Vielka?

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Rodney Terry, the head coach at the University of Texas, is not married and doesn’t have kids of his own.

However, he shares two sons from his girlfriend Vielka’s previous marriage, namely Prince Elias and Eden Ewing

Rodney and Vielka have been in a committed relationship for the past six years. The couple first publicly shared pictures of their time together in 2018 following a game night.

Although Rodney is not a biological parent, he plays an active role in the lives of Vielka’s two sons.

Rodney Terry, A Head Coach of Texas
Rodney Terry, A Head Coach of Texas (Source: InsideHook)

Rodney Terry was never into playing, instead he was always into coaching and teaching and stuff. After graduating from St. Edward’s in 1990, he began coaching at the same college where he studied. 

Later, Terry became a head coach for the first time at Somerville High School in Somerville, Texas.

As he continued to grow, he became head coach of the University of Texas El Paso men’s basketball team On March 12, 2018. Later in 2023, Terry became the full-time head coach of Texas.

Rodney Terry Kids: Does He Share Any With Girlfriend Vielka?

The head coach, Rodney Terry, may not have biological children of his own, but he shares a close bond with his girlfriend Vielka’s sons, Eden Samuel Ewing and Prince Elias.

One of the sons, has already started making his waves into the basketball world. Eden Samuel Ewing, born on January 12, 1997, in Richmond (TX), is making notable strides in basketball.

Standing at six feet eight inches, he plays as a small forward and has been part of Fortaleza B.C. in Brazil since 2023.

Vielka Rivers's Eldest Son Eden Ewing
Vielka Rivers’s Eldest Son Eden Ewing (Source: Instagram)

Eden initially showcased his skills as a power forward for Purdue during the 2017-18 NCAA campaign. Later, he transferred to Texas Southern University for his final two college seasons.

In addition to his collegiate journey, he has also played for the Brazilian basketball club Minas Belo Horizonte.

While Eden’s basketball journey is well-documented, information about Vielka’s youngest son, Prince Elias, remains more private.

Rodney Terry’s Girlfriend Vielka Rivers

Rodney Terry, the head coach, has been in a romantic relationship with Vielka Rivers since 2018.

Their relationship is an open book on social media, where Terry frequently posts pictures of them together, especially on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Vielka’s birthday.

Despite not being married, the couple’s bond is strong, and they share their journey together with their followers on social media.

The Texas basketball coach’s girlfriend, Vielka, is a successful businesswoman in her own right.

Rodney Terry With His Girlfriend Vielka Rivers
Rodney Terry With His Girlfriend Vielka Rivers (Source: X)

She is the owner of Mercer Salon, a well-known salon that offers top-notch services to clients.

In addition to running her business, Vielka is also a talented designer, model, and teacher.

Despite being part of a public relationship, Vielka is a private person. She prefers to keep her life out of the spotlight, as evidenced by her private Instagram account.

In 2018, after a game night, the couple’s relationship was revealed to the public by Terry, and they have been sharing their journey together since then.

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