Romain Taofifenua Parents Origin: Father Willy Taofifenua

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Romain Taofifenua parents have their origin in the islands of Wallis and Futuna. Thus, Romain is of Wallisian heritage and derives his energy and passion for rugby from his ancestral roots.

Romain Taofifenua is a big man and is always ready to push back anyone who stands in front of his team. The lock is an integral part of the French national team.

However, many don’t know it is in his blood. His father was a rugby player and the Walisian heritage takes over whenever they step out on the pitch.

French Rugby Player Romain Taofifenua
French Rugby Player Romain Taofifenua (Source: Instagram)

Romain Taofifenua is a 33-year-old professional rugby union player. He plays the position of lock for French club Lyon and represents the France national team at an international level.

Romain started his career in 2005, playing in the youth team of the French club Limoges. Initially, he couldn’t solidify his position as a starter on the senior side.

Despite a hazy start to his professional career, Romain didn’t give up. In 2010, he signed for the USA Perpignan, and slowly things started to change for the young Frenchman.

He became a regular starter and started making an impact on the French rugby scene. Then he signed for the defending European and domestic champions Toulon, where he won the European rugby championship.

After playing there for about 7 years, the lock transferred to another Top 14 club, Lyon Olympique.

With young players like Cameron Woki, the French side looks strong for this Rugby World Cup. Romain looks forward to finally delivering the Blues their much-coveted trophy.

Romain Taofifenua Parents: More On Their Origin

Romain Taofifenua is the son of Willy Taofifenua, who is also a former rugby player. There are no details regarding Romain’s mother.

Willy Taofifenua
Willy Taofifenua (Source: Google)

However, it is known that Willy was a flanker in his days and played for the French club FC Grenoble. He failed to win anything significant in his playing career except a consolation prize as runner-up in the 1993 French rugby championship.

On top of that, in 1999, Willy’s career saw controversy when he received 28 28-day ban for punching the opponent’s team’s flanker.

After retirement, the senior Taofifenua turned to coaching. He was the coach of his own team, Grenoble, and later coached Limoges and English club Harlequins.

Furthermore, his brother was also a rugby player. His name is Jean-Jacques Taofifenua, and he also played for Grenoble.

The Origin Of Taofifenua

Talking about the origins, the Taofifenuas come from the Territory of Wallis and Futuna. So, the player’s family is of Wallisian heritage.

Romain’s father, Willy Taofifenua, was born in the capital city of Wallis and Futuna, a place called Mata-Utu. However, Romain was born in the French commune Mont-de-Marsan.

The reason for their representation and close ties with France is because Wallis and Futuna is a French island. It is a French overseas territory that was primarily under the colonization of the French Empire.

Despite its population mostly filled with non-European tribal people, it still serves as part of France.

Romain Taofifenua: Other Family Members

Romain has a younger brother named Sebastian, and he is also a rugby player. He plays for Toulon in the French top league in the position of a prop.

Sebastian is 2 years younger than his older brother.

The Taofifenua Family
The Taofifenua Family (Source: Instagram)

Romain is also a husband to his beautiful wife and a father to two kids.

His wife’s name is Marie Charlotte Taofifenua, and she celebrates her birthday on August 12. The couple has been together for 7 years now.

Romain and Marie have 2 kids: a son and a daughter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are Romain Taofifenua Parents?

Romain Taofifenua Parents are Willy Taofifenua, and his mother, whose name is unknown. 


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