Roman Cechmanek Net Worth Before Death: Salary And Income

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Roman Cechmanek once had a net worth of $2 million and earned a yearly salary of $3.5 million. But in his later years, the former NHL goalkeeper faced many financial crises.

Roman had previously been accused of fraud, but the fact was the former goaltender truly wasn’t able to pay the money due to his wrong investments.

The Former Hockey Player Passed Away At Age 52 And Had Played Three Seasons In The League
The Former Hockey Player Passed Away At Age 52 And Had Played Three Seasons In The League (Source: Twitter)

After his retirement in 2009, Roman became a hockey coach and trained players in the second division Hodonín and the junior team of Vsetín.

Cechmanek’s demise was announced on November 12 by his former team, Philadelphia Flyers, with whom he played for three seasons, 2000-2003. Roman also played for the NHL team Los Angeles Kings for one season in 2004.

The former NHL player was only 52 at the time of his demise and is survived by two sons and a daughter. 

Roman Cechmanek Net Worth & Salary

Roman Cechmanek reportedly had a net worth of $2 million during his playing career. The former hockey player Roman Cechmanek played four seasons in the NHL, three years with the Philadelphia Flyers and one season with the Los Angeles Kings. 

In his first year in the NHL, Roman signed a $1 million contract with the Flyers. He played 59 games for the NHL and had a save percentage of .921. He shocked many by becoming the starting player ahead of Brian Broucher.

In his first season, Roman started in the all-star game and finished second in the Vezina Trophy. He had the same contract in his second season and earned another million dollars. 

Roman Czechmanek Pictured Making A Save During His Time With The Flyers
Roman Czechmanek Pictured Making A Save During His Time With The Flyers (Source: Twitter)

He played 46 games and had the same saving percentage as his first year. But the team once again failed to have any playoff success. In his third and final season with the Flyers, Roman earned  $3,500,000. 

Despite another solid season and strong stats to back him, Roman was always haunted by his performance in the playoffs. In the final two playoff games, Roman allowed nine goals and was practically booed by the fans out of town.

The Flyers traded the goaltender to the Los Angeles Kings, where he signed a one-year $3 million contract. He started 49 games for the Kings and had a save percentage of .906. 

After the 2003 season, Roman returned to his homeland, the Czech Republic, and his team, HC Vsetin. 

Roman played for several teams in the Czech Republic, but it is a known fact that hockey players make the most in the NHL. But Roman did make $10 million in today’s exchange in the Czech Republic, but all of it was wasted.

Roman Cechmanek And His Failed Business

Despite, making a huge sum in his homeland, Roman and his failed businesses cost him a lot. He began too many projects at once, making him bankrupt.

At one point, it was reported that Roman had debts that went up to $100 million crowns (about $4 million). His property was seized and later sold in a public auction.

In 2019, Roman was accused of fraud, but the court acquitted him as he didn’t intend to enrich himself or someone else. If he had been proven guilty, Roman would have faced ten years in prison. 

The court papers said he committed fraud between 2011 and 2014 and was mainly in connection with the construction of a microbrewery in Zlín and the reconstruction of an apartment building in Holešov.

NHL Mourn The Loss Of Roman Cechmanek

After the news of Roman Cechmanek’s demise broke out, the Flyers shared a tribute post for their former goaltender. 

The statement shared by the Flyers on their social media handle read, “He was highly successful and made an instant impact on our club on the ice and in the locker room.

The Flyers President Keith Jones Released A Statement After Roman's Demise On Sunday, November 12
The Flyers President Keith Jones Released A Statement After Roman’s Demise On Sunday, November 12 (Source: Twitter)

Beyond his numbers, which were outstanding, he was beloved by fans and teammates for his personality, distinct style, and pride in stopping the puck.”

The cause of his death hasn’t been announced. The hockey player’s legacy is being carried by his son, Roman Jr, who plays with Zlín’s first league team. He also has another son named Jakub and a daughter named Kateřina.

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