Ron Cherry Wikipedia And Age: Legendary Former ACC Referee

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Ron Cherry Wikipedia: Legendary Former ACC Referee Ron Cherry, a highly respected college football referee, recently concluded a remarkable career of over 25 years.

His influence on the field, characterized by a distinct presence, made him a prominent figure in the world of college football referees.

Ron Cherry Wikipedia
Ron Cherry Wikipedia (Source: ESPN)

Cherry officiated numerous high-profile games, including the 2009 BCS National Championship.

In 2007, he gained national attention for emulating Ben Dreith’s famous “giving him the business” call during a personal foul announcement.

Despite occasional controversies, he was widely acknowledged as a top-notch referee.

Notably, the 2013 Fiesta Bowl showcased Cherry’s expertise, highlighting his crew’s significant call during the game.

Beyond the field, observers knew Cherry for his charisma, often describing him as the closest thing referees had to a rock star.

Cherry’s most memorable moment occurred during a 2007 game between Maryland and NC State when he made the historic “quote of the year” call: “Personal foul. 69. Offense. He was giving him the business. Replay the down.”

This call became iconic in college football history. Despite this, Cherry’s career concluded abruptly in 2016 after a collision during a game between Notre Dame and USC.

Ron Cherry Wikipedia: Retirement, Overcoming Adversity And Legacy

Ron Cherry, at age around 60- 65, career took an unexpected turn when he suffered a head injury during the USC-Notre Dame game, leading to emergency neurosurgery.

According to ESPN, despite the setback, he retired gracefully, transitioning to a new role as an adviser and assistant to Dennis Hennigan, ACC coordinator of officials.

Cherry reflected on the challenges, stating, “I was going to [retire] the next year anyway, but you get knocked on your ass.”

Ron Cherry
Ron Cherry (Source: Twitter)

Ron Cherry officiated over 300 Division I games, leaving an enduring legacy.

Beyond the memorable calls, he influenced a generation of officials and played a crucial role in creating opportunities for Black officials.

Despite being best remembered for a single call, Cherry remains humble, cherishing the diverse experiences and connections he made throughout his remarkable career.

On-Field Impact: A Critical Moment in the Notre Dame—USC Game

Ron Cherry faced a significant injury during the third quarter of the Notre Dame—USC game on November 26.

In pursuit of a sack, USC linebacker Michael Hutchings accidentally struck Cherry with his helmet while Cherry was signaling the play dead.

The impact caused Cherry to fall to the turf, rendering him reportedly unconscious.

Ron Cherry Is A Former ACC Referee
Ron Cherry Is A Former ACC Referee (Source: ESPN)

Following the incident, medical personnel immediately evaluated Cherry for a concussion at a Los Angeles hospital.

Sources report that after the assessment, medical professionals released him the same night for continued care at home.

The injuries included headaches and weakness in his foot, leading to his admission to Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville, Ga.

A CT scan conducted at the medical center revealed a blood clot, necessitating surgery. The surgical procedure led to Cherry’s placement in the neurological intensive care unit.

Fortunately, the medical team later upgraded him to intermediate care as part of his recovery process.

Throughout the recovery, Cherry underwent occupational and physical therapy to aid his rehabilitation.

Cherry faced a challenging period. However, the medical team’s active measures promptly addressed his medical needs, contributing to his eventual recovery.


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