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Los Angeles Rams running back Ronnie Rivers and his dad, Ron, share much in common regarding their football endeavors. This leads to an interesting family dynamic, with Ronnie learning much from his inspirational father.

Although featured mainly as a role player until now, Ronnie Rivers is a well-known figure in the NFL, partly due to his talents and his father, Ron Rivers, a former NFL player.

Ronnie Rivers, LA Rams Running Back
Ronnie Rivers, LA Rams Running Back (Source: X)

Former NFL player Ron Rivers’ son Ronnie rewrote the history books for his collegiate team, Fresno State.

However, that did not lead to an NFL contract, as he went undrafted in 2022. Overcoming this setback, he is now a well-renowned running back tipped for a big future. 

Additionally, his connection with his dad, Ron, not only comes from both being NFL players but also sharing the same playing position.

This has led to Ronnie learning bits and pieces from his dad, learning everything he can to excel as an NFL running back.

Ronnie Rivers Draws Inspiration From Dad

There is no question that Ronnie has followed in the footsteps of his father’s football journey.

The father-son duo wreaked havoc as running backs for Fresno State in collegiate football.

Not only do they share a similar college legacy, but their journey in the NFL is also inspirational to many.

Ronnie Was A Star RB For Fresno State
Ronnie Was A Star RB For Fresno State (Source: Fresno State Athletics)

The two share a deep bond that extends from a personal level to a sporting realm. Currently featuring as a role player for the Rams, Ronnie draws inspiration from his father.

Their Similar NFL Journey

Additionally, they share more things in common regarding football. The most notable was that they weren’t picked in their draft class.

However, Ron would eventually feature for over six seasons in the NFL for the Lions (1994-99) and the Falcons (200). Likewise, although going unpicked in the 2022 draft, Ronnie inked a deal with the Arizona Cardinals.

Ronnie wasn’t drafted in 2022 and spent time with the Arizona Cardinals in the summer of 2022. He was let go during training camp, had a short stint in Seattle, and finally joined the Los Angeles Rams practice squad in mid-September.

Needless to say, Ronnie and Ron both know the pain of being unselected in a high-profile event like the NFL Draft.

Rams RB Ronnie Rivers
Rams RB Ronnie Rivers (Source: LA Rams)

Perhaps lightheartedly, the two still tussle over Fresno State college-level records. Both legacy-defining college running backs made history for Fresno State.

“Any time I’m around my dad, we’re always joking about that,” stated Ronnie regarding who the better running back was for Fresno.

Ron, as a former NFL pro, assisted Ronnie’s growth as a football player. With both playing in the same position, Ronnie could learn the ins and outs of an NFL running back from his father.

Not only could Ronnie learn about the trials and tribulations of an NFL player physically, but he also got first-hand knowledge about the mental state of NFL players from his father.

Fans expect to see more of Ronnie, having featured in sparse minutes in his senior career.

Both father Ron and son Ronnie share a special bond of competitiveness and family love, which has propelled Ronnie to NFL success.

It will be interesting to see where the Rams running back’s career follows, having featured mainly as a role player until now.

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