Who Is Ross Smith Darts Wife? Family Tree Explored

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Ross Smith Darts Wife: As of this writing, professional darts player Ross Smith is not married to anyone. Despite his active social media presence, Ross has maintained the utmost secrecy about his personal life.

There is an increasing curiosity about his married life among his fans. So, who is Ross Smith’s wife? Is he not married? Read this article further to find out!

English Professional Dart Player Ross Smith
English Professional Dart Player Ross Smith (Source: Daily Star)

Ross Smith is a British professional dart player who participates in the events of the Professional Darts Corporation. Currently in his mid-thirties, Smith has been playing in the PDC events for nearly two decades.

He first appeared in the tournament in 2005, debuting in the Vauxhall Spring Open, where he reached the last 16. Following that, he has played in the PDC events several times but has won the event only once.

Ross was the winner of the 2022 European Championship. His best performance in the World Championship was reaching the quarterfinals in 2011.

Who Is The Wife Of Ross Smith? Any Kids

As of the time of this writing, the English dart player Ross Smith is not married to anyone. Similarly, there is no substantial information about him dating someone at present.

So, most probably, the former European champion is single.

Ross Smith Has A Son Archie
Ross Smith Has A Son, Archie (Source: X. com)

Ross has a son, Archie, so his fans believe he has a wife. However, whether he is still together with his son’s mother is unclear. As he rarely shares his family matters, there is no way to gain anything significant related to his personal life.

Speaking to Metro magazine in 2022, Smith admitted that he stopped playing darts for a while and drove lorries because of several problems, including family issues. In the same report, he revealed that he had a son.

Scrolling through his Instagram profile, Ross has mostly posted pictures sharing glimpses of his professional life. As a result, there is no way to tell if he has a fiancee, so his fans might have to wait until he reveals the information to the world himself.

More On His Early Life And Family

Ross Smith was born to his parents on January 12, 1989, in Kent, England. Growing up in Dover, Kent, Smith loved various sports, but soccer and dart throwing were his favorites.

As a little kid, he often watched play darts for Kent, so he has loved the game since then. Soon after, when he was fourteen, Ross started practicing, and the Kent Youth system included him in the team a year later.

Ross Smith Began Practicing Darts At Fourteen
Ross Smith Began Practicing Darts At Fourteen (Source: Shopdarts)

Speaking of his early journey to Metro, he said,

“I got asked to play for Kent youth system and within a year I was in the Kent Men’s A team at 15 playing alongside Andy Fordham. I watched him win the world title, the next minute I was in the same side as him, so it did happen quite quickly.”

Although he lost his way a little while transitioning from a youth career to a professional career, his family stood by him and supported him to get back on track. 

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