Roy Hibbert Parents- Father Roy Hibbert Sr. & Mother Patty Hibbert

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Roy Hibbert was born in Queens, New York City, to his father, Roy Hibbert Sr., and his mother, Patty Hibbert.

His father, Roy Hibbert Sr., hails from Jamaica, while his mother has roots in Trinidad.

When Roy was two years old, the family relocated to Adelphi, Maryland.

According to reports from the New York Post, it was during this time that his parents initially attempted to expose him to various sports and activities.

His parents first encouraged him to play tennis, then golf, and even tried to introduce him to playing the piano.

Roy Hibbert For The 76ers
Roy Hibbert For The 76ers (Source: Gigantes del Basket)

However, it was basketball that ultimately captured Roy’s interest and became his true passion.

He gravitated toward the sport, and his parents recognized his natural talent and dedication.

They nurtured his love for basketball, providing him with the necessary support and encouragement to pursue his dreams in the sport.

Their early efforts to expose him to other activities ultimately paved the way for Roy to discover his true calling in basketball.

Roy Hibbert Wife Valerie Cooke, And Her Rumored Affair With Paul George

Despite all the happy moments and success stories, the problem with the NBA is anyone can be the subject of gossip and rumors.

In 2014, the Internet went crazy after Hibbert’s wife, Valerie Cooke’s sleeping rumor with his teammate Paul George went viral.

When the well-performing Roy’s game suddenly began to decline that season, people speculated that the rumor was true and had taken a toll on him.

Nevertheless, both teammates decided to ignore it all and continued being “brothers.”

Meanwhile, Valerie Cooke denied all the allegations and told people to leave her and Hibbert alone. It has been almost a decade since the rumor, and everything is fine now.

Valerie’s Rumored Affair With Paul George

In 2014, an online media, disclosed that they had received a rumor surrounding Paul George’s romantic affair with Valerie Cooke. 

According to the news company, they received an email about the affair from an anonymous source. However, there was no verification.

Soon after, people began circulating the news on the Internet, and it spread like wildfire. Coincidentally, Roy Hilbert’s performance that season was not great, and people guessed it was because Valeria cheated on him with his friend.

George, who was still performing well, denied all the allegations. Later, he made an Instagram post of him fishing with Roy and point guard George Hill.

He captioned, “These rumors have got to stop! It’s getting old now, and all of you that believe them are ignorant! #Brothers.”

During this time of rumor, Paul George was in a relationship with his present wife, Daniela Rajic.

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