Roy Nelson Weight Loss Journey: Diet And Workout Plan

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American mixed martial artist Roy Nelson had an impressive weight loss journey, committing to a strict workout routine and diet plan.

Roy Nelson has achieved significant success in MMA and is a former top 10 UFC heavyweight fighter.

Often criticized for being overweight and unfit, the fighter had a rigorous weight loss journey.

MMA Fighter Roy Nelson
MMA Fighter Roy Nelson (Source: MMA Underground)

Roy Nelson is a seasoned mixed martial artist who carved a notable path in the MMA world.

Known for his iconic beard and powerful striking, Nelson competed in various organizations, including the UFC.

Throughout his career, he achieved success with notable victories and showcased a resilient fighting style that left a lasting impression on fans and opponents alike.

Roy Nelson Weight Loss Journey

Roy Nelson posted a picture of himself looking slimmer than before in 2013. This signified to fans that the fighter had been on a weight loss journey.

In 2013, he shared a photo on his Facebook page gearing up for the highly anticipated fight against Daniel Cormier, set to unfold as the co-main event at UFC 166.

Roy Nelson Weight Loss Journey 2013
Roy Nelson Weight Loss Journey 2013 (Source: Facebook)

Subsequently, Nelson appeared notably leaner in the photo. It seemed evident that he was dieting and training more earnestly this time, a commitment he hadn’t consistently demonstrated in previous instances.

Nevertheless, the specific intricacies of his diet and exercise regimen remained undisclosed.

Yet, judging by his slender physique, it was apparent that his workout and diet routines were rigorous and committed.

Heavy Criticism For His Weight And Body

The former UFC star was criticized for not caring about his fitness and diet. Subsequently, although fans always believed in his skill and talent, they felt he didn’t take care of his body.

He achieved significant success in his career, but fight experts and analysts believe he has underachieved somewhat. This is because MMA fans feel that Roy would be even more dangerous if he took care of his fitness.

Nelson Is A Former UFC Top 10 Heavyweight
Nelson Is A Former UFC Top 10 Heavyweight (Source: Bleacher Report)

In 2012, UFC welterweight Dan Hardy informed Fighters Only that he ended his training association with Nelson because they disagreed on training principles.

Hardy explained that he preferred dedicated training, while Nelson seemed to eat desserts like cake.

Moreover, UFC President Dana White has long disapproved of Roy Nelson’s public persona and personal appearance. In an interview on Fox 11 Los Angeles, he described Nelson as the quintessential underperformer who never lives up to expectations.

“I call him the ultimate underachiever. This guy, he’ll come to me and say, ‘I want more sponsors, I got this, that.’ He’s got a mullet down to the middle of his back. …And a huge beard, a beard that almost covers the belly and that’s saying something. I always tell him, ‘Somebody’s going to want to put their company logo on that?’

However, Nelson frequently decided to look at the positive outlook on life and mostly ignored the criticism.

He always believed in his fighting talent and never thought his weight hindered his career progression.

Additionally, he loved being himself and proving the doubters and non-believers wrong about his prowess.

“My biggest thing is I want to be me. I always thought the best part about sports was the bigger, faster kids who were supposed to be more athletic than me – I always beat.”

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