Best Running Backs Cleats From Nike and Adidas

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Football players choose cleats base on the position. Running backs, receivers, defensive backs, linebackers, quarterbacks, tight ends, and lineman wears different style cleats to support their foot movement as per position demand.

Football cleats along can make a huge difference in your performance. And this can be the reason why big brands like Nike and Adidas design cleats for a player playing in a different position.

While reading this article, you will come across the best running backs cleats from Nike and Adidas.

Before jumping into the best cleats, let’s clarify some misperceptions and get knowledge about football shoes.

Cleats Hurt???

Nope, cleats don’t hurt.

Clears may hurt only when if you get the wrong fit. Usually, clears are slit. If you get cleats of the same size as your normal shoes, then your feet may pain.

Wrong size cleats won’t support your ankle, front foot, knee, and arch causing foot pain.

Too tight cleats can cause stress to the heel, which hampers your performance. So, be careful when you get football cleats.

When you get cleat, you need to get one size up or at least half size up than your normal shoe size.

As cleats are manufactured narrow to give snug feet, if you are wide footed, you will definitely need one or one and a half size up, depending upon the brand and model.

However, if you are new to football, you may not feel comfortable because they are designed for a tight fit.

Once you get the right size and start wearing them regularly, you will surely feel comfortable while running on the field.

For the running backs position, you will need light-weight cleats to help you run after the ball. Sliding your feet in the right size football cleats enables you to perform as you desire.

All you need to know is the size of the right cleats.

Are Cleats Supportive??

Of course, they are.

Having a soft cushion-like comfort underneath your feet is exactly what you need when you play all day.

If you are a football player, you don’t need an explanation on cleats, but if you are new to football, you may not know what cleats actually do.

So, for those who don’t know, here are reason what cleats do to comfort you throughout the game.

Consider buying football shoes only after analyzing the upper, outsole, cleat, midsole, and heel. These features together provide comfort and support to your feet.


Upper is the part under the lace design to secure your feet. Some cleats have straps and laces, and some have only laces to provide the perfect fit.

People may think cleats with both strap and lace gives more comfort than cleats with only laces. But it doesn’t work like that.

Cleats with only lace can equally comfort you and secure your feet. It depends on which type of football shoe you prefer.

The upper of the cleats is constructed with synthetic material to minimize impacts and rough weather conditions.


The midsole is supposed to act as a bed for your feet. When you play on the field, you don’t want a hard insole under your feet. Rather having a soft and little bouncy insole supports your performance.

This part of the cleats is designed in a way to provide both support and impact absorption. Base on the foam used, the midsole can provide support and comfort.

The flexibility of cleats is also defined by the type of midsole used to manufacture cleats. Soft and bouncy midsole ensures your comfort and flexibility.


What matters most when playing football is your foot stability. And your foot stability depends upon the football cleats you are wearing.

Usually, the outsole is constructed using plastic and rubber to provide stability at the perfect time you need while running for the ball. The outsole is also responsible for providing the flexibility you need on the field.


Studs are placed at the bottom of the football shoe. They are the most important part of cleats that improves traction. Studs ensure foot safety and comfort on the ground.

Placement of studs affects acceleration, stopping, and cutting. They are placed strategically to support your performance, providing you great control and grip.


Typically, the heel of the cleat is designed in a way to protect your heel from collapsing. The heel of the cleat must provide just the right support to absorb impact.

A cleat is designed with enough padding to help you go after the ball without hurting your feet.

Which Cleat Comforts Running backs?

Low-cut cleats are perfect for running backs. However, mid-cut cleats and low-cut cleats are used for running back, but low-cut cleats are recommended.

Low-cut cleats allow running backs to showcase their skills on the ground. They are light in weight which gives you maximum foot control. 

Not just for running backs, low-cuts cleats are suitable for receivers and defensive backs as well. So, if you are defensive backs or receivers, you may choose to buy branded cleats from the mentioned list.

Adidas Goletto VII Fg J Football Shoe

Goletto VII Fg J Football Shoe
Goletto VII Fg J Football Shoe

These cleats from Adidas are super light, enabling you to run the ball on the ground. The upper of these football shoes is constructed using a synthetic material that offers the required flexibility to show-off your football skill.

The light-weight and flexible design of these football shoes keep you light on your feet, allowing you to perform on any surface. Whether you play on natural grass or dry grass, these cleats support you on all surfaces.

The reason Goletto VII Fg J football shoes shows this versatility is because of the outsole. The outsole is constructed with rubber which gives great control and stability while playing.

For the running backs, control and stability are most, and these shoes do exactly what is required.

Adidas is in this business for decades, and they know what’s exactly required in which sport. They constructed the shoes focusing on the type of game and position you will be playing.

They have designed these shoes with tight lace closure, which ensure your feet are placed with don’t allow foot slip. The low-cut collar of the shoe has enough padding to keep your ankle secure and safe in case of a sudden hit.

Amazon reviews

Runs small

Adidas Goletto VII Fg J Football Shoes runs small. Reviewers have reviewed that they got one and a half size up from the normal shoe size. However, you can also go through the size chart to assure before getting these football shoes.

Great deal

Reviewers found these football shoes to be awesome and worth buying.

They found that shoes from Adidas not just amazing because of a brand. Goletto VII Fg J Football Shoes are great because of the quality and the comfort they provide.

Sung fit

These cleats fit great when you get the right size. Reviewers who got the right size found that Goletto VII Fg J Football Shoes fits perfectly and supports each part of the shoe perfectly.

Adidas Goletto Vi Firm Ground Football shoes

Goletto Vi Firm Ground Football shoes
Goletto Vi Firm Ground Football shoes

This cool-looking shoe is perfect for kids. They come in a size that fits perfectly for a toddler of age 1 to a big kid of age 12. They are Unisex-child football shoes and comes in red and pink color to match your kid.

Just like Goletto VII Fg football shoes, these shoes are also constructed using synthetic upper to comfort your kids, even if they play all day on the ground.

These shoes are specially designed with a synthetic outsole that provides maximum traction on dry natural grass.

And for the perfect feet and shoe contact, adidas has constructed a well-secure lace system to keep your kid’s feet safe. They are designed for impact absorption to prevent foot injuries.

You can get these for your kid, but watch out if your child has wide feet. These cleats have a narrow toe box, so you may have to get one size up.

To know the exact shoe size for your kid, you can just check the size chart. They have listed the measurement from heel to toe in inches to help you decide on football shoe size.

Amazon Reviews

Buying online is cheaper

Reviewers in the comment section are parents, and they have found that these shoes are much cheaper than in the store. If you want to get these for your toddler, get a great deal from amazon.

Light-weight shoes

People have agreed with the reviewer who commented that these shoes are light-weight and breathable. As they are breathable, your child can wear them all day, even during hot summer.

Great cleats

If your kid is new to football, these shoes are exactly what s/he needs. People have agreed on the review, which says these football cleats are comfortable and sturdy.

Adidas Adizero 8.0 Football shoes

Adizero 8.0 Football shoes
Adizero 8.0 Football shoes

These are another football shoe from adidas, which is great for running backs. They come in varieties of sizes and colors to suit your preference.

The slim construction of these makes them narrow in the toe box, so pretty sure you will need to go one size up.

Because of the slim design, these cleats are not for wide-footed. You may choose any other cleats for the list if you have wide feet.

If you don’t fall in wide feet categories, you will surely love them. They are constructed light which offers great stability even if you are running at speed.

Soft textile upper and synthetic sole makes them flexible, durable, and light in weight. The stretchy opening of these shoes offers comfort, fit and support for your ankle.  

Strategic arrangement of studs offers grip as you stop. If you are in a running back position and don’t have wide feet, this cleats will surely not disappoint you.

Amazon reviews

Comfortable football shoes

Reviewers have liked reinforcement and sock sleeve elements in these shoes making them very comfortable in the ground.

Solid build

Though they are light-weight football shoes, they are built strong, making them durable. Reviewers have found these shoes have great traction and fit perfectly.

Good fit

They are great shoes that snug your feet perfectly. Reviewers who have got the right size shoes have found that these shoes fit perfectly. They come in many size, so do check the list to get an accurate size.

Adidas Freak Carbon Low football shoes

 Freak Carbon Low football shoes
Freak Carbon Low football shoes

These are eye-catching football cleats that perform awesomely. They look a bit different from regular football shoes, however, they can be worn while playing football.

The low cut and light-weight design of these football shoes make perfect for running back. A stylish personality will surely like them.

The design of the shoe can definitely put you in the spotlight when you wear them on the ground.

Synthetic-mesh upper keeps your feet safe, secure and ensures durability. These cleats support you show your skills on your field for more than one season.

Rubber outsole and plastic studs offer great control and grip while you run and stop. And the highlight of the shoe is a sock liner that molds to your foot for superior comfort.

They come in eight stunning colors. Get one that matches which your personality.

 Amazon reviews

Runs small

Many reviewers have commented that these shoes from adidas run small and suggested to get a half size up.

Amazing shoes

These are stylish and high-quality shoes.  Reviewers have liked the stylish design of the shoes and found them perfect for football.

Light-weight and perfect fit

When you get the right size shoes, they will fit perfectly, allowing you to run the ball without foot slip.

Nike Vapor 13 Wraps Football Shoes

Vapor 13 Wraps Football Shoes
Vapor 13 Wraps Football Shoes

These stylish football shoes got V-shape studs that allow you to run the ball with maximum speed and stop quickly. For running backs, speed matters, and that’s what exactly Nike Vapor 13 Wraps help you with.

They snug your feet so comfortably that makes you feel like they are your second-skin. You can fly and run on the field without having any discomfort in your feet.

For a comfortable feel, these football shoes are designed with a lining that wraps your feet making good contact with the ground.

They are constructed with a Nike Aerow Trac zone in the forefoot that offers great traction on natural and artificial grass surfaces.

The heel lining on these football shoes holds your foot in place, reducing the chances of injuries. And the rubber gum sole acts like a bouncy cushion and ensures durability.

Vapor 13 wraps come in four different colors and fifteen different sizes. You don’t have to worry on getting your perfect size of the cleats color you desire.

Nike has shoes for every foot size. And they also got an integrated tongue for a uniform fit for the entire duration of the game.

Amazon Reviews

Comfortable and good fit

Reviewers found it to be very comfortable and fit accruable when bought the right size. So do go through the size chart before you get one.


These beautiful shoes from Nike have been admired by many reviewers. When you wear them, you will not just be labeled as a player but labeled as a stylish player.  

 Get half size up

Like other football shoes, these shoes also run small so you need to get a half size up. Reviewers recommend to get half-size up for right fit.

Nike Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats

nike alpha menace
nike alpha menace

These Nike Football shoes run true to size. If your buying football shoes for the first time and not sure which size fit you perfectly then, this is the football shoes for you.

They are constructed using synthetic leather, making them durable and supportive. Additionally, they are made of abrasion-resistance molding that makes the football cleats super durable.

Nike has designed these football cleats using FastFlex technology, which ensures flexibility. The outsole flexibility of Alpha Menace Shark ensures you can move naturally.

For perfect fit and comfort, Nike has installed a foam midsole. The midsole provides a cushion-like feel to keep you comfortable all day.

The bottom of the shoe is made with aggressive rubber that offers traction and support you to change direction quickly. They also provide maximum stability on the ground.


Great shoes for a great price

They are great looking that you can get an affordable price. You will feel better and comfortable when you put on these shoes.

Fit perfectly

Reviewers have found these shoes to fit perfectly. They support every part of your feet, supporting you to run the ball with full speed.


These are tough football shoes and can last a whole season. If you take good care of your shoes, you can they can surely last more than a season.

Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3

Vapor Untouchable Pro 3
Vapor Untouchable Pro 3

These cleats are light weight and consist of mesh and synthetic skins. The midfoot has flywire cable inside them that provides consistency. These shoes are designed for quick cuts and acceleration.

As traction assists you to cuts, so you can easily trick tacklers and enter the hole to make a score. They provide an optimum boost to comfort you and offer you grip.

The carbon fiber plate used in these cleats offers light-weight, but they ensure quality.

When you put on these shoes, you will surely have the confidence to defend your opponent and make a good score. And also, they are fashionable cleats that surely can get some eyes.

The amazing feature of these shoes is the one-piece bootie construction that gives a sock-like feel.

They don’t have a tongue, rather then have stretchy opening that supports easy entrance of your feet and also holds your ankle in place.

And of course, the amazing design of the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 ensures you stand out in the crowd. You get to choose your Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 from ten different attractive colors.

Amazon reviews    

Run smalls

Reviewers has suggested to get half-size up as they run small. They might feel too tight only if you get wrong size. Normally, football shoes are tight, so getting half-size up would be enough.

Accurate fit

Some brands are too narrow and tight, making you unable to perform. But these shoes are fit just right when you get the shoes according to the size chart.

Good quality, affordable and lightweight

Reviewers liked the snug feel of these shoes. They are high-quality shoes that are affordable and also keep you light on your feet.

Nike Legend 8 Academy Fg Football shoes

Legend 8 Academy Fg Football shoes
Legend 8 Academy Fg Football shoes

These Football shoes from Nike feature 3D diamond shape pattern, which makes these shoes different from other shoes.

They are constructed using a thin and soft leather upper, which makes them lighter and flexible.

You get enough cushioning in the football shoes that keep you comfortable and allows you to rotate well on the ground.

You will not have any problem tricking your opponent when you are on Nike Legend 8 Academy Fg.

What’s so cool about these cleats is that they don’t have any stitches. This feature enables running backs to run the ball to make a score.

And another awesome feature of these shoes is that you can wear them to play on any surface.

They are traction on a short-grass and artificial grass surface. Whichever surface you choose to play on, these shoes support you excel your performance.

Loop design on the cleats keeps the tongue in place and also secures your feet. And rubber sole offers the required grip and control on the ground.

You get Nike Legend 8 Academy Fg in eight different colors. These shoes are designed using bold colors rather than in bright colors.

And also, they come in many sizes, you don’t have to stress about finding your size.

Amazon Reviews


As these shoes are made with leather, so at first, you might feel tight, but with wear, they will expand and fit perfectly. Reviewers found these shoes to fit like a glove.


The slim design of the shoes makes them narrow. So, you may have to get these according to the shoe chart, as Nike has mentioned heel-to-toe measurement.


Some reviewers complain about the quality of the shoes. They were not satisfied with the quality that Nike Legend 8 Academy Fg offered.

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