Ryan Moore Wife Michelle Saunders: Married Life And Kids

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Ryan Moore, a highly accomplished British jockey, has achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the British flat racing champion three times. He is happily married to a woman named Michelle Saunders.

Both Ryan and Michelle prefer to maintain a low-profile lifestyle and have made conscious efforts to avoid excessive media attention.

Ryan, in particular, is also known for his inclination toward privacy.

With a net worth estimated at approximately $18 million, Ryan Moore and his wife lead a joyful and luxurious life alongside their four children.

Ryan Moore Is Photographed
Ryan Moore Is Photographed (Source: The Alchetron)

Ryan Moore, recognized as an English flat racing jockey, holds the record for the highest number of British Group & Listed wins among all currently active jockeys.

His remarkable achievements include three champion jockey titles in 2006, 2008, and 2009. 

Although his family has some involvement in the horse-racing world, Ryan initially nurtured a passion for football and even underwent trials with Brighton and Hove Albion.

It was only after his triumphant first win at the age of 16 that he made the decision to pursue horse racing as a career.

Who Is Ryan Moore Wife? 

The Moores have made it clear that they prefer to maintain a low profile and avoid media attention.

They are not active on any social media platforms, emphasizing their desire for privacy.

However, Ryan Moore has openly expressed his happiness in his marriage to Michelle Saunders.

Ryan’s love for his wife and children becomes evident during intimate interviews where he enthusiastically talks about her unique qualities and the significant role she plays in his life.

Unfortunately, not much information is available about Michelle’s personal life, including details about her parents, birth date, or profession.

The circumstances surrounding Ryan and Michelle’s meeting also remain undisclosed.

The Moore Family
The Moore Family (The Times)

Although the official records do not specify the exact date of their marriage, it is known that they have been together for over a decade.

Ryan spares no effort in meeting his wife’s desires and attending to her every need.

Throughout their marriage, they have been each other’s staunchest supporters. Even after more than ten years, their love for each other remains strong.

They Have Four Children

The couple is blessed with four children, but specific information such as names and birth dates are not publicly known.

Ryan Moore and Michelle Saunders have a son named Toby and a daughter named Sophie. Reportedly, Toby was born in 2009. 

The jockey affectionately expressed his admiration for another racing champion, Frankie Dettori, stating that his son Toby gets excited when watching Frankie race on television.

Moreover, he believes that his kids have been his biggest fans and look up to him as a role model.

Ryan Moore Comes From A Racing Family 

Ryan Moore’s family has a strong connection to the sport of horse racing. His grandfather, Charlie Moore, was a prominent figure who resided near Brighton Racecourse.

Interestingly, Charlie found himself accidentally purchasing a horse at an auction by simply raising his hand.

This led him to venture into training horses, despite his professional background as a second-hand car salesman.

Continuing down the family line, Ryan’s father, Gary, had a successful career as a jumps jockey, winning at the Festival before transitioning to become a trainer based in Sussex.

Ryan Is The Most Successful Out Of All His Family Members
Ryan Is The Most Successful Out Of All His Family Members (Source: The Sun)

Ryan’s younger brothers, Jamie and Josh, also participated in the Jumps circuit as riders.

Moreover, their sister, Hayley, is a familiar face on television, regularly appearing as part of the Sky Sports Racing team.

It is worth noting that the Moores’ aunt, Candy, is also involved in the horse racing industry as a jockey.

The Moore family’s passion for horse racing runs deep and spans multiple generations.

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