Ryan Nemeth Girlfriend: Is He Dating Anna Lore?

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Ryan Nemeth, the wrestling star, is currently dating Anna Lore. His girlfriend is a well-known actress who has a separate fan base in the television industry.

The couple never hesitates to display their love for each other publicly. Lore often posts pictures and videos of them on her Instagram, and they always appear to be enjoying each other’s company.

Professional Wrestler Ryan Nemeth
Professional Wrestler Ryan Nemeth (Source: Google)

Ryan Nemeth is a 39-year-old professional wrestler from Cleveland, Ohio.

He is a well-known figure in the realm of professional wrestling, having appeared in elite-level promotions like WWE, NXT, and AEW.

Besides that, he is also a writer, comedian, and actor.

The wrestler famous by the ring name “Briley Pierce” started his career at his hometown promotion, Ohio Valley Wrestling.

In 2011, he signed for WWE on a developmental contract.

Since then, he fought under WWE territories like FCW and NXT. He then left WWE in 2013 and fought under promotions of the independent circuit.

Currently, Nemeth appears on All Elite Wrestling, specifically the program AEW Dynamite.

Furthermore, Ryan Nemeth is the brother of Nicholas Nemeth, who is more famous by the stage name Dolph Ziggler.

Meet Anna Lore: Girlfriend of Ryan Nemeth

Although the wrestler tries keeping his personal life away from the media, his followers are aware of his dating life.

He is currently dating actress Anna Lore, and the couple has been together for a while.

Ryan Nemeth With Girlfriend Anna Lore
Ryan Nemeth With Girlfriend Anna Lore (Source: Instagram)

Anna Lore is a 31-year-old actress who is currently on her rise to prominence.

She made her debut in 2014 in the TV series Frankenstein, MD. She is famous for her roles in shows like Doom Patrol, Faking It, Katie, and Nasty Habits.

Most recently, she appeared in The CW series Gotham Knights and is one of the most loved characters.

The pair have been in a relationship for a while, but the oldest photo they have together is from 2021.

Despite reports from certain tabloids, there is no evidence that they were dating in 2017.

They enjoy doing everything together, whether it’s celebrating Christmas or recording videos of their acting abilities.

Nemeth’s Confrontation With CM Punk

There has been recent news from AEW stating that Ryan Nemeth was involved in an altercation with CM Punk.

CM Punk brought out the issue backstage regarding Ryan’s tweet back in June, which insulted the former WWE headliner, calling him the softest man alive.

Furthermore, Punk reportedly approached Nemeth in an aggressive manner, however, the interaction didn’t get physical.

A Rivalry Is Brewing Between CM Punk And Ryan Nemeth
A Rivalry Is Brewing Between CM Punk And Nemeth (Source: Google)

As per the inside information, Nemeth was sent home and unbooked from his fight at the Collision.

Whether this is because of his confrontation with CM Punk is a question for interpretation.

Moreover, Ryan now follows stars like Matt Hardy and Christopher Daniels on the list of talents to get sent home.

There is speculation among fans that CM Punk’s relationship with the President of AEW, Tony Khan, and Khan’s possible bias towards Punk could be the cause of the recent event.


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