Who Are Ryan And Staci Knigga? Noah Knigga Parents

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After going viral on the internet regarding the pronunciation of his name, fans are now interested in the parents of Noah Knigga. His parents, Ryan and Staci, are active on social media, celebrating their son’s success.

Noah Knigga is the most recent viral internet sensation after the prominent high school athlete’s distinctive last name caught the fans’ eye.

Additionally, this has sparked interest regarding his personal life and his parents’ details.

Noah In Action For Lawrenceburg High School
Noah In Action For Lawrenceburg High School (Source: Instagram)

A native of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, Noah is a dual-sport high school athlete. He is a brisk-paced linebacker at Lawrenceburg High School and a reliable hooper.

However, for the moment, he seems more focused on football. Posting great statistics and accolades in high school, he is in the eye of many big colleges.

Noah is in his final year as a high school athlete and is expected to join college sports for the class of 2025.

The talented sensation already has interests from colleges like Purdue and Miami. Additionally, he is currently visiting multiple schools to judge their sporting program.

Fans and experts alike are certainly keeping a laser eye on where he chooses to commit for 2025.

Regarding his personal life, Noah is most active on X(@KniggaNoah). Usually, he posts his sporting successes and updates on his career on social media platforms.

Noah Knigga Parents, Ryan & Staci

Noah Knigga was born to parents Ryan Knigga and Staci Knigga. Undoubtedly, sports were in Noah’s DNA from an early age, as his dad, Ryan, is a football coach.

Like his son, Ryan is also a graduate of Lawrenceburg High School. Following that, he attended Indiana State University on full scholarship as a football player.

Ryan then tried his hands at coaching and has been at the hot seat of Lawrenceburg since 2011.

With a coaching stint spanning over a decade, Ryan is vastly experienced. He is proud of his son Noah, who played under his tutelage. 

Ryan And Staci - Noah Knigga Parents
Ryan And Staci – Noah Knigga Parents (Source: X)

Additionally, Noah can learn the ins and outs of the sport with his dad and coach Ryan, who have been involved with the sport for his entire life.

Noah’s mother, Staci, is a principal at Central Elementary School. Not only that, but she is also the head volleyball coach at Lawrenceburg High School.

Ryan and Staci are pretty active on X, sharing their love for their kids and Lawrenceburg sports as a whole.

Additionally, Ryan also has a twin sister named Natalie, a key athlete for Lawrenceburg’s basketball team.

Overall, with the parents involved in coaching and the children as star athletes, the Knigga family is a vital cog in the engine of Lawrenceburg High’s sporting programs.

Supportive and Sporting Family

Being supportive parents, Ryan and Staci are always at their children’s games, whether football or basketball. Needless to say, Ryan is on the sidelines coaching Noah’s football matches.

They posted congratulatory posts on X after both the twins won MVP of the tournament in the recently concluded Rivertown Classic.

Noah Knigga Sister Natalie Is A Basketball Star
Noah Knigga Sister Natalie Is A Basketball Star (Source: X)

With a strong unity and a spirit of competition, the Knigga family is inspirational.

The children Noah and Natalie will certainly go leaps and bounds in their further careers if their high school success is any indication.

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