Does Ryan Trahan Have A Brother? Former College Runner Family Life

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The relationship between Ryan Trahan, a prominent figure in the digital world, and his family, particularly his brother, has garnered significant attention.

While Ryan captivates audiences with his entrepreneurial ventures and engaging content on YouTube and Twitter, people often wonder about his brother’s identity.

American YouTuber And Businessperson, Ryan Trahan
American YouTuber And Businessperson Ryan Trahan (Source: Twitter)

Ryan Michael Trahan, an American content creator, vlogger, and businessperson, is well-known on YouTube.

His notable “penny series,” initiated in 2017, is among his most renowned works, featuring multiple installments.

Trahan excelled in cross-country running, securing third place in the 2017 Aggieland Open at Rice High School and Texas A&M University.

In 2016, Trahan and Caden Wiese founded Neptune Bottle, reportedly earning over $50,000 in revenue within its inaugural year. 

In 2023, Trahan also launched the clothing line Howdy Howdy, followed by Joyride Sweets, a snack company, in 2024.

Who Is The Brother Of Ryan Trahan? His Family

Ryan Trahan has an elder brother whose name is Matthew Trahan. Ryan’s Twitter account reflects his close relationship with his brother, Matthew.

In a tweet where he extends birthday wishes to his brother, it’s revealed that Matthew was born on September 20, 1994.

However, that is the extent of information available about Matthew.

Additionally, Ryan has not disclosed personal details about his brother and only shares content about their strong bond.

Ryan Trahan With His Elder Brother Matthew
Ryan Trahan With His Elder Brother Matthew (Source: BigNameBio)

Moving on to his parents, Mr. Trahan, Ryan Trahan’s father, is professionally involved in business.

Meanwhile, his mother, Mrs. Trahan, is a dedicated housewife. However, it has come to light that Mr. Trahan had to raise his sons on his own as a single father.

Additionally, according to a post shared by Ryan, his father struggled with alcoholism but has now recovered for the sake of his sons.

Similar to Ryan’s brother, little information about Ryan’s parents is available.

It’s ironic how so few details are known about the family of someone who makes most of his living creating content for social media.

However, Ryan recently shared a heartwarming post on Instagram reflecting the bond and love he shares with his father.

In the post, he discussed his commitment to fulfilling his father’s dream of building a house on purchased land.

He fulfilled his promise on June 24, 2021, by gifting the home to his father.

He shared images of his father holding a board bearing the message, “It won’t cost me a dime.”

Does Ryan Have A Wife? His Married Life

Yes, Ryan is married to his long-time girlfriend, Haley Pham. Haley Pham has captivated the public with her versatile career as a beauty and fashion YouTuber.

Just like Ryan, she has a million followers on Instagram. Furthermore, she has 3.03 million subscribers on YouTube, while Ryan has 14.03 million subscribers. 

The couple openly shared their relationship long before their engagement, regularly posting pictures together on social media.

Ryan Trahan With Wife Haley Pham
Ryan Trahan With Wife Haley Pham (Source: Pinterest)

As per Ryan’s Instagram, he proposed to her on March 18, 2020, and she said yes.

The beautiful couple tied the knot on November 11, 2020, and have been together ever since.

Ryan consistently shares pictures of them on social media, accompanied by heartfelt captions expressing his deep appreciation for her.

At the time of writing this article, the couple does not have any children.

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