Sadibou Sy Wife Minou Britmer: Dating And Relationship Timeline

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Sy is pretty shy when it comes to showing off his love life in public. But this is what we know so far about Sadibou Sy’s wife, Minou Britmer.

Sadibou Sy Wife, Minou Britmer, is an accounting expert by profession, but she is also his greatest cheerleader and supporter.

She has made several sacrifices for him, which has enabled the fighter to reach new heights in his career.

Sadibou Sy Being Announced As The Winner
Sadibou Sy Being Announced As The Winner (Source: Instagram)

Sadibou Sy, a Senegalese-born MMA fighter, grew up in Sweden in a large household with six siblings.

He was born November 27, 1986, and now competes in the Welterweight division of the Professional Fighters League.

He started out playing soccer before switching to martial arts in his teens. Sy began training in kickboxing at Wasa Martial Arts Center and eventually participated in Thai boxing.

Sy has held several professions throughout his career, but he is currently concentrating on his training at the Martial Arts Lab in Stermalm, where he also works as a personal trainer.

He wants to focus on his MMA career and cut back on his work obligations to get a higher salary and sponsorships.

Sadibou Sy Wife, Minou Britmer, Is A Well Known Accounting Expert

Sy is married to the very beautiful and intelligent Minou Britmer. The details of the couple’s relationship have not been made public as of yet. 

What Sy has made clear is that he has a very supportive wife, and she has been with him through the lowest points in his life. 

In an Instagram post, he made on December 3, 2022, he expressed gratitude to his love and thanked her for all the sacrifices that she has made for him. 

Minou is currently the Head of Accounting at QuickBit and has been in this job since 2019. 

Prior to that, she worked as a Senior Accounting Consultant at Åhnberg & Partners. She has also held the position of Senior Accounting Consultant at Addera Mera.

Sadibou Sy Wife Minou Britmer
Sadibou Sy Wife Minou Britmer (Source: Instagram)

She began her career as an Accounting Consultant at Vinterviken Ekonomipartner.

Minou graduated from the National Tax Training School in 2018 with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Federal Income Tax.

In 2014, she finished a Basic Overview Course in Law at Stockholm University. She also received an Income Tax Preparer certificate from the Accredited Home Study Program of the National Tax Training School.

In addition, from 2011 to 2013, she studied as an Accounting Economist in Accounting and Tax Law at Yrkeshögskolan Götegborg.

Minou tries to travel regularly, instead a weekend trip than nothing at all.

She also exercises a lot and enjoys time with her close and dear friends. In addition to that, she also loves to cook. 

Sadibo Sy Eye Injury

Despite his passion and drive to become a great professional MMA fighter, Sy’s journey has not been very smooth.

Sy learned about a condition that would change his life while playing football at 13. He had between 20 and 40% vision from that time till February 2017. 

Doctors said that his vision would continue to worsen. Then, he was put on contact lenses to help with the persistent irritation he was experiencing.

Sadibou Sy During The Weigh Ins
Sadibou Sy During The Weigh-Ins (Source: Instagram)

The lenses restored roughly 80% of his eyesight; he claims his progress has been “huge” since then.

In 2007, he earned his first World Cup gold medal in kickboxing. 

Then everyone suggested he try Thai boxing, which is significantly rougher and more complex.

Sy finally acquired customized lenses in 2017 after eight surgeries.

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