Sam Allardyce: Allardyce will leave at the end of the season

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Sam Allardyce will leave his role as manager of West Brom at the end of the season. Allardyce lost his first Premier League title when he lost to Arsenal on May 9 and confirmed their entry into the Championship.

Former Bolton, Newcastle, West Ham, Sunderland, and England bosses have replaced Slaven Bilic, sacked from West Brom on an 18-month contract in December.

Allardyce, 66, said he felt he could not commit to Albion for long.

He said: “West Brom allowed me to stay at The Hawthorns, which shows the absolute commitment of a very determined club. After careful consideration, I decided not to accept that.

“And if I were to succeed in advancing to the next stage in next season. I would expect to continue at least another season, and, sadly, that is not the commitment. And I feel I can make it in this phase of my career.”

West Brom’s technical director, Luke Dowling, said the team “is optimistic that Sam will manage next season and beyond.”

The team was promoted to the Champions League winners last year. And they lost 21 in the campaign with a 3-1 defeat at home to West Ham on Wednesday. They are 19th in the table, having taken 26 points in 37 games.

Allardyce’s final match in charge will be at Leeds United on Sunday.

His assistant Sammy Lee and first-team coach Robbie Stockdale will also be leaving the club now.

“Sam, Sammy, and Robbie have also come at a very tough time in the team. And are working tirelessly in their efforts to keep the club in the Premier League,” said Dowling.

“Unfortunately, we together have not been able to achieve our goal of surviving the defeat. In the second half of the season, we played with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. 

Allardyce's decision marks a difficult time ahead. (Source: Yahoo Sport UK)
Allardyce’s decision marks a difficult time ahead. (Source: Yahoo Sport UK)

“We were bringing the extraordinary results with a very well-organized, exciting football.

“In the end, we weren’t able to gather the number of total points needed to keep us here. But Sam has regained his pride with so many solid ads.”

‘I’m a temporary manager’- Allardyce.

Allardyce was sacked by Everton in May 2018 after six months in charge by taking the club from the 13th in the Premier League to eighth place. But he was criticized for the team’s performance.

Before joining the Toffees, Allardyce had resigned as Crystal Palace manager only after five months in charge. Which was his first job since one game he became England’s manager.

“It was a long and difficult kind of decision that we thought very well about what would be best for the team and me. We have chosen our names well. I am glad they want me to continue,” said Allardyce.

He further added: “I was given with an assurance on the budget. But it is up to me to be the interim manager. If you are put in that dove hole, that’s how I see myself now, as a problem solver or Red Adair. I didn’t expect to be in this situation.

“We fought very hard, but we weren’t good enough in the end. I was hoping we would get out of trouble. Chelsea in the away 5-2 victory was good. I was disappointed that we couldn’t continue with those results.”

As for whether he would continue to manage, Allardyce said: “We do not stay permanently. I have not had a leave of absence for 20 years. It was only when I was expelled from Newcastle that I received a break. Convulsion will not leave you addicted.

“I can’t say I’m retiring because I’ve done that before, and it makes you look stupid.”

The news shocked the West Brom team, as defender Kyle Bartley described Allardyce telling the players. Only when they returned to the whole dressing room.

“It’s shocking. I think most of us were expecting him to be there next season,” Bartley said. 

“He just said that he has now decided that he will not be there next year. He thinks the club will be in better hands going the other way.”

Sam Allardyce said 'I'm a temporary manager' (Source: Premier League)
Sam Allardyce said ‘I’m a temporary manager’ (Source: Premier League)

Bartley added: “But I thought he would be happy for us next year. I thought we would have a good chance of going back. But I fully respect his decision.”

The former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy said: “He was talking about having a dove.

“You can’t hide behind the numbers. He’s talking about a lack of performance at the beginning of the January window where he could get players very quickly. They need a big change of direction now with the way they play.”

‘Allardyce will wait for a call from the club in crisis.’

Twenty-four hours after one of England’s managers confirmed his departure, Sam Allardyce followed Roy Hodgson’s lead.

At the age of 66, Allardyce is seven years younger than Hodgson. And while it doesn’t sound like he’s ready to quit football at the moment.

He was out of action for 18 months after leaving Everton in 2019 before West Brom called in mid-season. So there are no guarantees for another chance.

Of course, given all the clubs you already have, several other apparent options are left for Allardyce to take.

'Allardyce will wait for a call from the club in crisis.'
Allardyce will wait for a call from the club in crisis (Source: SportsDol)

An outspoken, cheerful speaker, Allardyce has already proved himself to be a professional. And will not be out of work if he goes to that side.

And then, with his consent, he will wait for a call from the troubled club. Red Adair, Allardyce recalled that his colleagues first called him after a famous American firefighter. 

He hopes that there will be a final fire to put it out. And that when the opportunity arises, it will be worth the effort.

Football’s firefighter? Allardyce’s managerial career

1991-1992: Limerick. The first tightness in management as the player-manager of an Irish club.

1992: Preston North End. Youth team coach with short thumbs up as acting manager.

1994-1996: Blackpool. The first administrative role in England, however, was dismissed after failing to be promoted.

1997-1999: Notts County. It led them to the Third Division now League Two in 1997-98.

1999-2007: Bolton Wanderers. He won the Premier League in 2001 and led them to the League Cup and Uefa Cup qualifiers.

2007-2008: Newcastle. He left after eight months in charge following disappointing results.

2008-2010: Blackburn. The team focused on Premier League safety in its first season before being sacked in December 2010 by Rovers 13.

2011-2015: West Ham. Led Hammers was promoted to the Premier League in 2012 but was sacked three years later following criticism of his style of play.

2015-2016: Sunderland. It was appointed in October and guided the Black Cats to Premier League safety.

2016: England. He was appointed as the captain of three lions but left in unison after one game and 67 days in charge following a newspaper investigation claiming he had advised on how to “circle” the transfer rules.

2016-17: Crystal Palace. He was selected in December 2016 and led the Eagles to Premier League safety.

2017-18: Everton. He finished eighth with the Tofi after joining in November 2017 but left in May the following year.

2020-21: West Brom. He replaced Slaven Bilic and the 19th club at the table but could not avoid being relegated.

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