Sam Darnold Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Katie?

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Sam Darnold does not appear to have a wife, but he is in a relationship with a girl named Katie.

The couple can be seen spending vacations together, and Katie attends his games to support him, as evidenced by their social media posts.

American Football Quarterback Sam Darnold
American Football Quarterback Sam Darnold (Source: Instagram)

Sam Darnold is an American football quarterback who entered the NFL after playing college football at the University of Southern California (USC).

Darnold gained significant attention during his time at USC due to his talent, athleticism, and potential as an NFL prospect.

The New York Jets selected him as the overall third pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

He quickly became the starting quarterback for the Jets, showing flashes of promise during his rookie season. However, during his tenure with the Jets, Darnold faced challenges, including performance inconsistencies and turnover issues.

After the 2020 NFL season, the Jets traded Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers. Following two seasons with the Panthers, he joined the San Francisco 49ers in 2023.

Sam Darnold Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Katie?

The San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback, Sam Darnold, is presently in a relationship with a girl named Katie.

Katie maintains an active presence on Instagram, where she can be found under the username @_hoofy. On this platform, she has garnered a following of 1.79k individuals.

Consistently, Katie shares moments from her life, giving followers a glimpse into her relationship with Darnold.

Her feed often showcases them attending his games, passionately supporting him during matches, and enjoying quality vacation time together.

Sam Darnold & His Girlfriend, Katie
Sam Darnold & His Girlfriend, Katie (Source: Instagram)

These posts paint a picture of a couple deeply involved and supportive of each other’s endeavors.

Despite the shared moments on social media, details about the start of their relationship, including how and when they met, remain shrouded in mystery.

Additionally, they do not appear to be married, as no social media posts or official records indicate such; thus, they still seem to be in the dating phase.

Ex-Girlfriend, Claire Kirksey

During his time at the University of Southern California (USC), quarterback Sam Darnold was in a relationship with Claire Kirksey.

Kirksey pursued her studies in hospitality administration at California State University.

Originally from Huntington Beach, California, she attended Huntington Beach High School and currently works as a Management Trainee at Enterprise.

The duo frequently showcased their bond on social media platforms. For instance, in August 2017, Darnold and Kirksey were spotted together at a Sam Hunt concert in Los Angeles.

Sam Darnold & His Ex-Girlfriend, Claire Kirksey
Sam Darnold & His Ex-Girlfriend, Claire Kirksey (Source: Instagram)

The last public photo featuring Darnold and Kirksey dates back to 2017 when they attended a wedding together. Reports suggest the couple parted ways following Darnold’s entry into professional football.

However, as time progressed, Kirksey moved on and is now in a relationship with Liam McCloskey, a former star swimmer from Auburn University, as evidenced by her social media updates.

On her Instagram account (@clairekirksey), where she boasts a following of 3.5k, Kirksey often shares glimpses of her life, including moments with McCloskey.

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