Sara Eggesvik Parents: Norwegian Father And Filipino Mother

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The parents of soccer player Sara Eggesvik come from different heritages. Her father is Norwegian, whereas her mother is Filipino.

Having represented Norway at the youth level, she decided to change her nationality and play for the Philippines.

In the recent Women’s World Cup match, the midfielder made headlines as the Philipines defeated the host nation, New Zealand.

Sara Eggesvik Representing Philipines National Team
Sara Eggesvik Representing Philipines National Team (Source: Instagram)

Sara Kristine Bantan Eggesvik is 27-year old soccer player who plays in the Norwegian league as a midfielder.

She currently plays for the club KIL/Hemne and represents the Philippines women’s national team.

Her soccer career started with her native town’s club, Grand Bodo. She became prominent quickly and made her senior team debut at just 17 years of age.

Furthermore, she has also played for the English club Charlton Athletic.

Sara Eggesvik Has Mixed Heritage: Meet Her Parents

An interesting fact about the soccer player is her diverse background.

Her father is from Norway, and her mother is from the Davao region of the Philippines.

Since she was born in Norway, she is a Norwegian, but through her mother’s lineage, she represents her Filipino side.

Sara Eggesvik Represented Norway In Youth Level
Sara Eggesvik Represented Norway At Youth Level (Source: Instagram)

Although raised in Norway, Sara’s mother has never let her feel less Filipino. She is very familiar with Filipino culture and food while often visiting the Philippines.

When asked about the Philippines, Sara expressed, “I really enjoy being there. I try to be there as much as possible,”.

Furthermore, Sara changed her team of representation. She initially played for Norway’s national team at the youth level but currently represents the Philippines Women’s National Team.

Sara played her first major tournament with the Philippines in 2022 at the AFF Women’s Championship.

She has been an active squad member since and is a starter for the Filipinos in the current Women’s World Cup.

Her Brother’s Influence

The Norway-born also disclosed that seeing her brother play made her eager to try the game of soccer.

When she saw her brother play during their childhood, Sara wanted to try soccer. Little did she know, she had a huge future ahead of her.

“I had an older brother, he played soccer, and I wanted to be like him, that’s how I got involved in soccer,” she stated.

She turned into the game at the age of 12, and with good training and coaching, she made her breakthrough into the youth level.

Sara Is Currently Tantalizing The World Cup With Her Display

Sarah and the Philipines women’s team have impressed the rest of the world with their performance. 

In their second group match, the skilled midfielder made a superb assist for Sarina Bolden‘s match-winner against the New Zealand National Team. 

The midfielder became emotional as the Philippines won their first world cup match.

Sara Eggesvik Training Ahead Of The World Cup Match
Sara Eggesvik Training Ahead Of The World Cup Match (Source: Instagram)

“Right now, there are so many emotions going through my head,” I’m just really proud. What a journey it’s been with the team, you know?” she said.

She even described how her Philippines family has always supported her and tracked her soccer journey since the beginning.


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