Sebastian Robles Siblings: Sister Czarina & Alezandra And Brother Rico

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While Sebastian Robles excels in the wrestling mat, his siblings have also followed the family legacy, passionately pursuing the sport.

United by a common passion, the robust family network is behind Robles’ achievements.

Sebastian, alongside his sisters Czarina and Alezandra, and brother Rico, epitomizes the essence of kinship and athletic pursuit.

Sebastian Robles Joined Iowa In 2021
Robles Joined The University Of Iowa In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Sebastian Robles is an American collegiate athlete at the University of Iowa. He was born on August 23, 2002, to Marnie and Fred Robles in Tucson, Arizona.

His wrestling journey began at Sunnyside High School, where he emerged victorious with back-to-back state championships in 2020 and 2021.

The two-time state champion comes from a Wrestling family. While his father was a key part of Sunnyside’s state championship team, his mother was a Mat Maid for them.

Eventually, Robles became a vital member of Iowa’s wrestling program despite a few initial setbacks. 

As a freshman, he posted a 12-4 record at 157 lb. with the Hawkeyes team. Further, he placed second at the Luther Open and third at the Lindenwood and Harold Nichols Opens.

The wrestler is currently pursuing a B.S. in Sport and Recreational Management and aims to graduate in May of 2025.

Sebastian Robles Siblings

The robust wrestling legacy of the Robles family extends beyond Sebastian’s accomplishments. It encompasses the collective achievements of his siblings.

Czarina, Alezandra, and Rico Robles each contribute their unique talents to the family, enriching it with shared ambitions.

Meet Sebastian Roble’s Sisters: Czarina & Alezandra

Czarina and Alezandra Robles, the younger sisters of Sebastian, have carved their paths with distinction.

Products of Sunnyside High School, they have embraced their passions and pursued excellence in their respective fields.

The Robles Family
The Robles Family (Source: Instagram)

Czarina Robles, the elder of the two sisters, is currently studying Pre-Medicine at the University of Arizona.

A former member of the Sunnyside HOSA team, Czarina even qualified for State in 2022 while competing in the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).

Moreover, her academic prowess and commitment to healthcare are evident in her numerous scholarships.

Alezandra Robles, the youngest sibling, continues the family’s wrestling tradition with fervor and determination.

A rising star in the Sunnyside wrestling program, she has claimed victory in some notable tournaments.

Alezandra was a section champion in the 165 lb. class when Sunnyside won Girl’s Wrestling Sectional in 2023 February.

Likewise, she repeated the feat in 2023 December as she earned first place in the William Bell as well.

The Blue Devil’s star wrestler continues to hone her skills, embodying the tenacity synonymous with the Robles name.

Meet Sebastian Roble’s Brother: Rico

Rico Robles, the elder brother of Sebastian, brings his own brand of excellence to the wrestling arena.

It is worth noting that, like Sebastian, his brother has also won a state championship in 2019.

A seasoned competitor with accolades from Sunnyside High School, Rico’s journey led him to Waldorf College.

Sebastian's Brother Rico Robles Is A 2019 State Champion In Wrestling
Sebastian’s Brother Rico Robles Is A 2019 State Champion In Wrestling (Source: Instagram)

However, he transferred to Arizona Christian University in 2022, where he continues to shine on the mat.

As per reports, he has a 2nd place finish in the Cascade Conference Tournament in his sophomore season with the Firestorm Wrestling team.

Meanwhile, he is majoring in biology with aspirations to become a nurse. Thus, he may want to follow his dad and his uncles and work in the medical field. 

Nonetheless, Rico exemplifies resilience and adaptability with attributes inherent in the Robles family legacy.


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