Ally Batenhorst Boyfriend Belo Is A Collegiate Hoopster

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Unlike most college athletes, Ally Batenhorst and her boyfriend, Baylor Scheierman, share a pretty public relationship.

Navigating the competitive realm of collegiate sports, Ally and Baylor share an affectionate relationship.

Ally is a tenacious and talented volleyball player, most recently featuring for the University of Nebraska, whereas Baylor is a dextrous hooper for Creighton University.

Volleyball Star Ally Batenhorst
Volleyball Star Ally Batenhorst (Source: Instagram)

Ally Batenhorst was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on July 26, 2002. Undoubtedly, sports were a crucial part of her life from early on as her father Kurt was a basketball and track athlete.

A native of Houston, she led her high school, Seven Lakes, to the Texas State Championship while also capturing the MVP award. After a highly successful high school career, she got offers from numerous colleges.

Ultimately, she decided to commit to the University of Nebraska and enroll in their volleyball program.

Subsequently, she immediately made herself a key team member in her freshman year.

Highlight performances and accolades would keep on coming her way in her sophomore and junior years.

However, she has opted to leave Nebraska and enter the transfer portal.

Ally Batenhorst Boyfriend, Baylor Scheierman

The volleyball athlete Ally Batenhorst is currently in a relationship with Baylor Scheierman.

Ally’s boyfriend, Baylor, is also a prominent college basketball player.

He features for Creighton University and is currently in his senior year. Additionally, the 6’7″ guard hails from his hometown of Aurora, Nebraska.

With both of them sharing a spirit for competition and excelling at their sport, Ally and Baylor are a perfect match for each other.

Ally Batenhorst Boyfriend Baylor Scheierman
Ally Batenhorst Boyfriend Baylor Scheierman (Source: X)

On top of that, they are also supportive and attend each other’s games. Their togetherness and love help carry them through the obstacles of college sports, through victories and defeats.

Additionally, fans are also heavily interested in their relationship. This surprises Baylor, as he would share in an interview with The Athletic.

“We think it’s very funny how many people are invested in it. To us, we’re just regular people playing sports.”

On the contrary, some Nebraska fans took offense to Baylor attending Ally’s matches, signifying it may be a distraction for her.

Baylor, in a charming way, clarified his appearances at Nebraska. “It’s fine. At the end of the day, I’m just supporting my girlfriend. I love watching them and watching her play.”

As they both grew up in Nebraska, they share the same love for Nebraska sports teams, whether it be volleyball, basketball, or soccer.

Overall, the supportive couple does not try to hide their relationship like most, attending each other’s games, smiling for the cameras, and posting lovely messages on social media.

Is Ally Leaving Nebraska?

In an important revelation, Ally Batenhorst recently revealed on Instagram that she would be leaving Nebraska and pursuing her master’s degree elsewhere.

Ally Showing Her Undying Passion During A Game
Ally Showing Her Undying Passion During A Game (Source: Instagram)

In the farewell message, she stated her gratitude for her time at the college.

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the unconditional support from my family, friends, teammates, coaches, staff, and husker nation. With that being said, I have chosen to enter the transfer portal and start my master’s degree elsewhere.”

Emphasizing the decision as one of the hardest she had ever made, she remarked she couldn’t wait for what the almighty had planned for her next.

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