Sergio Ramos Brother: Who Is Rene Ramos?

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The Spanish professional soccer player, Sergio Ramos, has an elder brother named René Ramos. He is also Sergio’s soccer agent and represents him professionally.

Ramos also has an elder sister, Mirian Ramos, who owns a successful Fresh Skin Care and Supplement product business.

Sergio Ramos With His Brother (Source: Instagram)
Sergio Ramos With His Brother (Source: Instagram)

Sergio Ramos García is a Spanish professional soccer player born in Camas, Spain, on March 30, 1986. He plays as a center-back and is currently a free agent. 

Ramos started his career with Sevilla’s youth academy and later represented the senior side for two seasons.

Following that, he joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2005, where he won 22 major honors with the club.

After 16 years with his previous club, Ramos signed a two-year deal with Paris Saint-Germain on July 8, 2021.

Besides, the defender has represented his Country in four World Cups with a win in 2010 and three European Championships while winning in 2008 and 2012.

Apart from that, Ramos holds the record for being named FIFPro World11 eleven times and elected to the UEFA Team of the Year nine times as a defender. He has collected numerous more records in his career.

Sergio Ramos Brother: René Ramos

Jose Maria and Paqui Ramos had three children, including Sergio Ramos. He grew up with his elder siblings, Rene and Miriam Ramos.

Rene Ramos is the eldest son, born on June 11, 1978. He completed his Sports Management course (RFEF) from Camilo José Cela University.

Additionally, he has completed RFEF’s Coaching Level I and Level II, awarded by the RFEF and the RFEF National Coaching School.

Moreover, Sergio Ramos brother is also the President and Chairman of the RR-Soccer Management Agency.

Sergio Ramos And His Brother Rene Ramos (Source: Instagram)
Sergio Ramos And His Brother Rene Ramos (Source: Instagram)

Rene was previously married to Vania Millán, a Spanish model. He is currently married to a Spanish pop singer, Lorena Gómez Perez. 

Like his brother Sergio, Rene also seems to be a family man. He spends much time with his daughter, Daniela, taking her to soccer games, family trips, and movies.

He also has a son with his current girlfriend, born on May 2, 2020. When the son was born, Rene expressed his emotion through an Instagram post, welcoming his son and thanking his partner.

Apart from being a great brother to Sergio, Rene has been a great soccer agent supporting and working together.

Rene has always looked after his younger brother since childhood. He has always encouraged and supported his brother to pursue soccer.

No one can deny Sergio’s outstanding defending skills. However, some credit must be given to his brother’s efforts as an agent.

All Ramos siblings adore their parents, as they can be seen traveling and vacationing together. They also regularly share inspirational posts about their parents on social media.

There is no doubt the Ramos family shares unconditional love for each other, as they are often seen supporting Sergio in his endeavors.

Sister Mirian Ramos

Mirian Ramos, the elder sister of Sergio Ramos, was born on July 3, 1984. She got married to her husband, Carlos Muela Regli, in 2012.

They have three children together, twin sons born on June 13, 2014, and a daughter born on September 8, 2017.

Sergio Ramos Brother And Sister Supporting Him (Source: Instagram)
Sergio Ramos Brother And Sister Supporting Him (Source: Instagram)

Unlike her brothers in soccer, she has crafted a successful career in Skin Care & Supplements products. Her company Ringana provides fresh vegan-based natural products to customers.

The Ramos siblings have continued to spread their sibling bonding to their children, as they can be seen having a good time together.

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