Shaq DMed The Viral Home Depot Girl: Instagram And Age Revealed

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The netizens were curious if Shaq was trying his shot at the viral home depot girl after he slid into her DMs.

As Ariana Josephine, the ‘Home Depot Girl,’ posted about Shaq sliding into her DM.

Shaq DM To Ariana
Shaq DM To Ariana (Source: Twitter)

Following this, Twitter whirled a conversation about the lil interaction between Ariana, who is in her mid-twenties, and Shaq, 51 years old former NBA player.

Fans couldn’t help themselves and questioned Shaq’s actual motives behind his DM’s.

Shaq DMed, The Viral Home Depot Girl

Ariana Josephine snapped a selfie while at Home Depot, and it got massive attention for choosing a conventional job instead of starting an Only Fans account.

The home depot girl went viral for humbly working at Home Depot despite her good looks and capable mind with no complaints or gripes.

This caused a surging interest of people, including Shaq, who slid into her DMs on her Instagram handle @ariijosephine.

The Viral Depot Girl, Ariana
The Viral Depot Girl, Ariana (Source: Twitter)

Ariana posted a screenshot of small interaction, where he wrote, “Don’t let them people bother you. Have a great day. Tell all your boyfriends I said hello, lol.”

To which Ariana replied, “I will thank you.” She also added a laughing emoji and a heart emoji to the message.

Also, according to the sources, it is not the first time that Shaq has slid into a girl’s DM and gotten exposed.

Reaction Of Fans, Online: Twitter Thread

Although the DM Tweet by Ariana was deleted later, the interaction started a debate on Twitter about Shaq sliding into this woman’s DMs.

Twitter users didn’t hold back and mocked her by saying, “She’s corny for posting this, tbh” Others said, “If a famous man dm me, I am never posting about it. I will get the bag first and dip it. 

Shaq O'Neal DM
Shaq O’Neal DM Screenshot (Source: Twitter)

One Twitter user even added another perspective by explaining how this could be a smart move, as this could propel her into a larger (probably not better) dating pool of men.

The Tweet further explains how Men are weird & competitive like that, and some celebs and rich men will see Shaq DM to her as a stamp of approval.

Therefore, he ended his theory by wittingly adding, “She better buckle up for the fb*i ride coming her way, lol.”

Vandana Thapa
Vandana Thapa
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