Sherry Pollex Wiki And Health Update 2023- Does She Have Kids?

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Sherry Pollex was a former girlfriend of the champion stock car racer Martin Truex Jr. They were together for nearly two decades until they decided to part ways in January 2023.

Martin Truex Jr. is the winner of the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Truex, who comes from the long line of NASCAR drivers, is also a two-time Xfinity Series champion.

While the two were still together, Sherry and Truex started a foundation to support kids with pediatric Cancer. Unfortunately, some years later, Sherry was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died on September 17, 2023.

She was just 44.

Sherry Pollex and her the then boyfriend Martin Truex Jr. (Source: Pinterest)
Sherry Pollex And Her The Then Boyfriend Martin Truex Jr. (Source: Pinterest)

While many people may only know about her from her relationship with Martin, she did a great job raising cancer awareness through individual effort.

Even though they were separated, Martin stated that he would keep supporting her. Consequently, their collaboration through their foundations, namely Martin Truex Jr. Foundation and Sherry Strong, is still going great.

Their foundation has been conducting Catwalk For A Cause to raise donations for research and Cancer treatment since 2010. The event is held every September 14.

Sherry Pollex’s Battle With Cancer

Sherry Pollex first became aware of her illness during a routine check-up back in 2014.

At that time, she was diagnosed with Stage-III ovarian cancer, a revelation that both shocked her and her former boyfriend, as they had previously joined forces in the battle against this very disease.

Despite facing this challenging diagnosis at the age of thirty-five, Sherry remained full of life and maintained a positive attitude. She was determined to keep living.

However, her doctor delivered a sobering prognosis, indicating that she had only about five more years to live, and even that would require a stroke of luck.

Fast forward to her mid-forties, Sherry appeared to be in good physical shape.

Nonetheless, the battle against her illness remained ongoing. Following her recovery from ovarian cancer, she made a heart-wrenching announcement on her Instagram – she was once again confronted with cancer.

Sherry Pollex walking at a Catwalk for a Cause Event (Source: Instagram)
Sherry Pollex Walking At A Catwalk For A Cause Event (Source: Instagram)

In September 2022, Sherry faced her third bout with cancer, and this time, it had spread to her lungs.

Despite undergoing various treatments, including chemotherapy and hyperthermia, she struggled to find relief.

Numerous medications were tried by her doctors, but the cancer cells refused to relent.

Nevertheless, Sherry’s determination to continue living grew stronger with each passing day, and she remained resolute in her fight for survival.

Tragically, we must now acknowledge that Sherry has passed away, but her indomitable spirit and willpower to live on will forever be remembered.

Sherry Pollex And Truex Do Not Have Kids

Although Sherry Pollex and Truex had a long-term relationship, they never had children. While Truex mainly focused on his racing career, Sherry dedicated her life to philanthropic causes, especially children’s health.

In the meantime, Truex, too, never considered extending family as they continued interacting and supporting children from different walks of life.

Sherry Pollex (Source: Coping With Cancer)
Sherry Pollex (Source: Coping With Cancer)

However, as the disease worsened, Sherry and Martin decided to separate. 

Many people in the media always commented about Martin’s impending retirement linked to Sherry’s illness before their separation.

But, Martin made it clear through his Twitter post that they had broken up in mutual agreement, and there was no need to comment on the matter further.

Meanwhile, Sherry was always clear that her illness should never harm Martin’s career.


Sherry Pollex, the former long-time partner of NASCAR Cup Series driver Martin Truex Jr. and the co-founder of the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation, passed away on Sunday, as confirmed by her family in a statement. She was 44 years old.

Sherry valiantly fought ovarian cancer since 2014, and unfortunately, she faced her third recurrence in 2021.

Her enduring strength and determination throughout her battle inspired many and left a lasting legacy in the world of NASCAR and beyond.

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