Shy Odom Dad: Step-Father Pierre Bennett Is His Inspiration

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Although Shy Odom’s basketball journey has been marked by individual achievements, his familial bond, especially with his dad, has remained in the shadows.

This article explores the heartwarming relationship between Shy Odom and his stepfather, Pierre Bennett, shedding light on their inspiring connection.

Shy Odom Joined Howard University For The 2022-23 Season
Shy Odom Joined Howard University For The 2022-23 Season (Source: Howard University Athletics)

Shyheim Odom, born on June 27, 2003, in Roxbury, Massachusetts, is a rising star in American college basketball.

Currently playing forward for Howard University, Odom has made a name for himself with his exceptional skills.

Growing up in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, he attended Beaver Country Day School. He later transferred to Sierra Canyon High School for his sophomore season.

Similarly, Odom gained national attention for his prowess on the court, playing for Boston’s top Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) team.

In addition, he participated in the Team USA Basketball Junior National Team Minicamp in 2019.

Likewise, Odom appeared in 31 games for the Bison with 23 starts in 2022-23 season.

While he averaged 10.9 points and 4.6 rebounds, his performance earned him the MEAC Rookie of the Year award in his freshman season.

Similarly, the sophomore guard was named the MEAC Tournament Outstanding Player in 2023. 

Shy Odom Dad

While Shy Odom’s basketball achievements are well-documented, information about his father is relatively scarce.

Despite being born into the Odom family in Massachusetts, Shy’s parents allegedly separated when he was just a child.

Raised by his mother in Boston, Shy maintains a close relationship with his father’s side of the family. Evidently, they attend and cheer on his games on occasion. 

Shy Odom Pictured With His Uncle Brandon D Odom Sr.
Shy Odom Pictured With His Uncle Brandon D Odom Sr. (Source: Facebook)

Notably, he shares a deep connection with his late uncle, Steven Odom, who was tragically killed in a 2007 shooting.

Contrary to popular belief, Shy Odom is unrelated to former NBA champion Lamar Odom. 

The misconception that they are father and son is dispelled despite sharing the same last name.

Shy Odom Is Inspired By His Stepfather Pierre Bennett

Without a direct paternal figure, Shy Odom finds inspiration and support in his stepfather, Pierre Bennett.

Pierre, Shy’s mother’s boyfriend, has played a crucial role in Shy’s life, closely monitoring his athletic achievements.

In a 2020 interview, Pierre expressed pride in Shy’s growth and maturity on and off the court.

Being surrounded by high-caliber players has allowed Shy to showcase his talents, and Pierre’s supportive presence has been instrumental in this journey.

Beyond the game of basketball, Pierre’s role as a caring stepfather has positively influenced Shy’s character development.

Odom reciprocates the love and attention as Pierre Bennett is the immediate family away from his hometown of Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, the player believes that having all the support empowers him to pursue his passions and dreams with vigor.

Shy Admires His Mom For Her Sacrifices

Krystle Howe, Shy Odom’s mother, stands as a beacon of courage and perseverance in his life.

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Krystle is a professional hairstylist and braider.

She moved to Calabasas, California, in 2019 and started her own business, Taming Textures.

Shy Odom And His Mother Krystle
Shy Odom And His Mother Krystle (Source: Facebook)

Shy acknowledges his mother’s sacrifices and unwavering support. Time and again, he expresses gratitude for her resilience and determination.

Despite facing challenges as a young mother, Krystle dropped everything to care for Shy, inspiring him to pursue his dreams.

The player also commends her for transforming from a complete reset to a successful entrepreneur.

Shy’s admiration for his mother extends beyond her role as a parent, showcasing the strength and resilience that motivates him daily.

Swochandra Shrestha
Swochandra Shrestha

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