Skip Holtz Wife Jennifer Holtz Is Proud Mom Of Three

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American football coach Skip Holtz and his wife, Jennifer Holtz, met while working at Florida State. With their kids achieving significant success, the couple is a proud parent of three. 

Battling cancer is tough, but Skip’s wife, Jennifer, managed to beat the disease and move on with her life.

Being around such an inspiring wife, Skip Holtz undoubtedly gets a lot of strength and confidence.

Football coach Skip Holtz
Football coach Skip Holtz (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Upon graduating from college, he began coaching, initially at Florida State in 1987 as Bobby Bowden’s assistant.

After two seasons, Skip headed to Colorado State, and in 1990 he joined Notre Dame to coach under his father. The father-son duo coached the team through 40 victories, eight defeats, and one tie, recording an 82.7% winning percentage.  

From 1994 to 1998, Skip served as head coach of the Connecticut Huskies before moving to South Carolina. Skip enjoyed notable success as head coach of East Carolina, leading the team to a second consecutive C-USA championship. 

Since then, he has worked as head coach for South Florida and Louisiana Tech. While at Louisiana Tech, Skip earned the 2016 C-USA Coach of the Year award. 

Now, Skip serves as a general manager and head coach of the USFL team, Birmingham Stallions. Recently, he won the 2023 USFL Coach of the Year, guiding the team to a straight-second USFL championship.

Skip Holtz Wife

Jennifer Holtz and Skip Holtz met in coach Bowden’s office while working at Florida State in Tallahassee.

As per sources, Skip proposed to Jennifer in December 1991, writing “Will You Marry Me?” in the sand on a Port Charlotte beach. However, their exact marriage date is still unknown.

His wife, Jennifer, was born and raised by her parents Richard and Mickey. Moreover, she graduated from Port Charlotte High School back in Florida.

Skip Holtz With His Wife And Two Sons
Skip Holtz With His Wife And Two Sons (Source: Instagram)

Excluding this, there are no personal details regarding her. The coach’s wife appears to live a low-profile life. Nevertheless, she is a very encouraging and supportive wife to Skip.

Jennifer is not only just a supportive wife but also a fighter. Being a breast cancer survivor, Jennifer has experienced many dark phases. However, she beat cancer in no time and now lives a happy life with her family.

In 2013, she joined the Wiggin’ Out team as a Broad director to help people battling cancer.

Apart from being a devoted wife and fighter, Jennifer is also a proud surrogate mom of three kids.

Skip and his wife, Jennifer, are the parents of Trey Holtz, Chad Fitzgerald Holtz, and Hailey Elizabeth Holtz. Each of their children is succeeding in their respective careers.

Skip Holtz Parents

Coach Skip Holtz was born as one of four children of his parents, Lou Holtz and Beth Barcus. 

His father, Lou (born January 6, 1937), is a former player, coach, and analyst. From 1956-1957, he played collegiate football for Kent State.

Throughout his 35 years as a head coach, his father worked with several teams, guiding the team toward multiple victories.

Skip Holtz With His Father
Skip Holtz With His Father (Source: The State)

His impressive skill set has earned him numerous awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

After retirement, he served as a TV college football analyst for CBS (in the 1990s) and ESPN (2005-2015).

In 1996, the doctor diagnosed Lou’s wife with throat cancer. After two years, the cancer spread to her liver, lungs, adrenal glands, and ovary.

She underwent multiple treatments, but eventually, the cancer took over her. After more than two decades of struggle, Lou’s wife, Beth, died battling cancer aged 82, on June 30, 2020.

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