Skyy Moore Girlfriend: Is He Still Dating Jordyn?

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The Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Skyy Moore previously dated girlfriend Jordyn, and fans are curious if the couple are still together.

Aiming for back-to-back Super Bowls with the KC Chiefs, Skyy Moore is enjoying great success in his NFL career.

On the personal front, he is a private person. However, some details regarding his dating life are available.

KC Chiefs WR Skyy Moore
Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Skyy Moore (Source: ESPN)

Skyy Moore is an American Football wide receiver who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL.

Picked in the 2022 NFL Draft by KC, he was a member of the Super Bowl-winning team.

He started his amateur career at Valley High School before schooling at Shady Side Academy in Pennsylvania.

In terms of college athletics, he enrolled in Western Michigan’s football program, where he was a brisk-paced wide receiver.

Skyy Moore Girlfriend

The Chiefs WR keeps things regarding his dating life under wraps. As an NFL player for a prominent franchise, there is always media attention on one’s personal life.

Skyy, a wise head, knows the drama unnecessary rumors can create in his playing career.

Perhaps for this reason, he does not reveal much about his dating life in public or on social media.

His Instagram posts are related to game day snaps or pieces from his workout. For the moment, he seems to be focusing on his career.

Skyy Keeps Private Matters Under Lid
Skyy Prefers To Keep Private Matters Under Lid (Source: CBS)

Subsequently, the results are there for all to see. Skyy is going to his 2nd Super Bowl in two seasons with the Chiefs, having already won a ring last season.

As his popularity and stature in the game grows, the intrigue surrounding his dating life will increase.

It will be interesting to see if the KC wide receiver chooses to be more candid about those matters in the future.

Is Skyy Still Dating Jordyn?

Close fans of the player will know that Skyy previously dated his partner, Jordyn.

Although Skyy himself never talked about her in public, fans deduced this from Jordyn’s TikTok posts.

Jordyn is an avid supporter of the Chiefs and is seen cheering them on and posting about them on her TikTok.

Skyy And Jordyn Celebrated On The Field After The Chiefs Super Bowl Victory In 2023
Skyy And Jordyn Celebrated On The Field After The Chiefs Super Bowl Victory In 2023 (Source: TikTok)

It is no secret that she stood as an unwavering support for Skyy, motivating him to be even better.

After the KC Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 2023, she shared a heartwarming TikTok with her boyfriend, accompanied by a lovely caption.

“POV: Your man just won the Super Bowl.”

Jordyn joined Skyy on the field for the celebrations, and the couple clicked lovely pictures together. To share such a pinnacle moment was a noteworthy moment in their relationship.

Moreover, she accompanied him to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl-winning ring ceremony, and the couple posed on the red carpet.

However, it is unclear if the pair are still together. While Skyy stays off revealing personal details, Jordyn’s TikTok posts have also become less frequent.

This has led to conjecture among fans that the couple has broken up. However, there has been no official statement regarding the matter from either Skyy or Jordyn.

So, regardless of any conjecture, it is unclear if the couple is still dating or has broken up.

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