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Sloane Stephens has a half-sister, which has never been an unknown fact. But now many of her fans speculate it could be makeup artist Vonna.

The American tennis star previously mentioned her half-sister when she talked about the demise of their father, John Stephens, in a car accident.

It was soul-crushing news for 16-year-old Sloane, who had just reconnected with her father. 

Sloane was introduced to tennis by her mother, Selby Smith, who Sloane considers her inspiration. The mother-daughter duo even have done several photoshoots together. 

Sloane Stephens With Her WTA 125K Saint Malo Trophy In May 2023
Sloane Stephens With Her WTA 125K Saint Malo Trophy In May 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Since winning her first Grand Slam Title, US Open, in 2017, against Madison Keys, Sloane hasn’t won a single one after it. But in 2022, Stephens had a major resurgence, winning her first title since 2018.

Currently, Sloane is competing in the Italian Open and is looking to carry on the winning momentum. Only last week, she won the WTA 125K Saint Marlo, defeating the Belgium player Greet Minnen.

Does Sloane Stephens Have A Sister?

It is clear that Sloane Stephens has a half-sister who lives in Louisiana. But the various articles previously haven’t mentioned her name. 

Going through a few of Sloane’s posts, the American tennis player has mentioned a woman named Vonna, who she has repeatedly called her sister. 

Vonna is a professional makeup artist and photographer and is available on Instagram with the username @vonna.34.

Moreover, it does look like Vonna is a resident of Louisiana, with many of her posts being pinned in Louisiana.

Vonna And Sloane Have Done YouTube Collaboration

The speculated half-sister of Sloane Stephens has separate IG pages dedicated to her craft. On Instagram, with the username @vonnathevirgo, Vonna posts before and after pics of her client.

She has another IG page with the username @la.artdept dedicated to sharing her passion for graphic designing and photography. 

The Professional Makeup Artist Vonna Looks Stylish As She Is Pictured In Her Hometown In Louisiana
The Professional Makeup Artist Vonna Looks Stylish As She Is Pictured In Her Hometown In Louisiana (Source: Instagram)

On her website, Vonna has listed the prices she charges her clients for photography and makeup. The price ranges between $60-$120 for makeup and $140-$275 listed for photography. 

Vonna also runs a YouTube channel, where she has previously posted a collaboration video with Sloane titled “Makeup with my big sister/ Sloane Stephens.”

The 15-minute video of the two sisters shows them putting on makeup and cracking jokes in between. 

Sloane Stephens Brother Shawn Farrell

Sloane Stephens has a half-brother in Shawn Farrell. Shawn Farrell is the son of Sybil Smith, the mother of Sloane Stephens, and her step-father Sheldon Farrell. 

Born on August 5, 1998, Shawn has made a big name for himself in the entertainment industry. He goes by the name “The Playmaker” and has previously released a song titled “IMMA DOG” that has garnered 12M views on YouTube. 

Sloane Stephens And Her Brother Shawn Farrell Look Ready To Attend The ESPYs In 2018
Sloane Stephens And Her Brother Shawn Farrell Look Ready To Attend The ESPYs In 2018 (Source: Twitter)

Recently, Shawn released a song titled “Elevate” featuring Jason Green. He is also currently on a school tour with a few other artists. 

The little brother of Sloane previously forgot his passport, which resulted in him missing out on watching his sister take on Simona Halep in the French Open 2018. 

Sloane Stephens Parents: John Stephens And Sybil Smith

Sloane Stephens’ parents, John Stephens and Sybil Smith, separated when she was an infant.

The tennis star was born to athletic parents, with her father, John being an NFL player in the late 80s and early 90s. John was the first-round pick in the 1988 NFL Draft. 

Stephens played five seasons for the New England Patriots and, in his first season, won NFL Rookie of the Year. But his career went downhill after the reports of his sexual misconduct came out in the media. 

John died on September 1, 2009, after his pickup truck drove off the highway. The 43-year-old former NFL player wasn’t wearing his seat belt resulting in him getting thrown.

Sloane Stephens Mother Sybil Smith Is A Former Swimmer 

Sloanne Stephens’ mom, Sybil Smith, is notably knowns as one of the greatest athletes to come out of Boston University. 

A Hall of Famer of Boston University, Smith became the first African-American woman to be named a first-team All-American swimmer. 

Sybil Smith Pictured With Her Partner Michael At St Mark's Basilica of Venice, Italy In 2022
Sybil Smith Pictured With Her Partner Michael At St Mark’s Basilica of Venice, Italy In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

After earning her name in swimming, Sybil graduated from Havard University with a master’s degree in psychology.

Currently, Sybil is an executive at Wellness Works Psychological Services LLC and is the

After her divorce from John, Sybil tied the knot with Sheldon Farrell and had their son, Shawn. Sybil might have gone separate ways with Sheldon as on her Instagram, Sybil is seen with a man named Michael. 

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