Snooker: Who Are Carlo And Mirella Brecel? Luca Brecel Parents

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Luca Brecel parents, Carlo and Mirella Brecel raised two kids in Belgium. Luca has an older sister, Jessica Brecel. 

The Belgian international, Luca Brecel, made his professional debut in 2011 and, a year later, became the youngest player to compete in World Snooker Championship. 

Luca Brecel Gets Ready To Take An Aim During His Game In 2023
Luca Brecel Gets Ready To Take A Aim During His Game In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

A player not afraid to speak his mind, Luca has previously chastised young British snooker players for being more focused on social media and money. A man who keeps himself to high standards, Luca is currently ranked 10th in the world. 

Brecel, who had never previously won a match at the Crucible, beat four-time champion Mark Selby 18-15 to become snooker’s first world champion from mainland Europe on 2 May 2023.

Luca Brecel Parents Carlo And Mirella Brecel

Luca Brecel’s parents, Carlo and Mirella Brecel, have been highly supportive of his snooker career. 

Born and raised in Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium, Luca is the second child of Carlo and Mirella. Born on March 8, 1995, Luca is eleven years younger than his sister, Jessica. 

In a blog post, there have been details of the Belgian international’s introduction to the game. Luca was introduced to the game at age 9.

He and his father found a pool table during a holiday trip with his family, and his obsession with snooker began. 

Luca Brecel Pictured With His Mom Mirella In His Younger Days
Luca Brecel Pictured With His Mom Mirella In His Younger Days (Source: Facebook)

His father, Carlo Brecel, works as a hail hunter in Belgium, fixing the damages caused by hail storms. After seeing their son’s talent in snooker, Carlo and Mirella decided to opt him out of school and tutor him at home. 

Right before the semi-final game began last night, Carlo, from his Facebook handle, wrote encouraging words to his son. 

The father-of-two shared a photo of him and Mirella, clarifying why they weren’t in England, and sent him a good luck message. 

Carlo’s Facebook posts are all dedicated to his son and his achievements. His mother, Mirella, also has a Facebook handle but rarely shares any posts. 

Most of her posts date back to 2013 and feature photos of young Luca. A blog from 2011 mentioned his sister was autistic and lived in an institution. 

Luca Brecel Relationship Status

The Belgian snooker player, Luca Brecel, was previously in a relationship with Gaelle Dept.

The couple’s relationship came into the limelight in 2017 when Luca, during an interview, introduced his girlfriend to the world. 

Gaelle, 24, is two years older than Luca and met him in 2009 in their homeland, Belgium, in Duffel. They first crossed paths when Luca had been training for European Snooker Championship at a tennis club where Gaelle was a regular. 

Luca Brecel Was Previously In A Relationship With Gaelle Dept
Luca Brecel Was Previously In A Relationship With Gaelle Dept (Source: Instagram)

After their first meeting, the two teenagers kept in touch via Facebook. After occasional meetings, the couple became a real thing after their date in Shanghai when Luca played in Shanghai Masters.

At the time, Gaelle had to travel to China for work and decided to pay him a visit in Shanghai as it was not far from her job location. 

But over the last year, the couple might have broken up. Currently, Luca is in a relationship with a woman named Laura Vanoverberghe, who was present during his game against Si Jiahui. 

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