Snooker: Who Are Ronnie And Lynne Allen? Mark Allen Parents

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Mark Allen parents, Ronnie Allen and Lynne Allen, had supported him through the thick and thin of his career.

Mark Allen is a Northern Irish snooker player from Antrim, Northern Ireland, who was born on February 22, 1986.

In addition to that, in 2004, he won the World Amateur Championship. After a year, in 2005, he turned professional and took three seasons to reach the top 16.

Mark Allen
Mark Allen During A Game (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Mark beat the defending champion, Ronnie O’Sullivan, in the semifinals of the fourth professional season, the 2009 World Championship. Eventually, Allen lost to the finalist, John Higgins.

Not to mention, Mark reached the UK championship of 2011 at his first ranking, where he got defeated by Judd Trump.

Furthermore, he was recognized for his attacking style of play and won the 2018 Masters and the 2019 Scottish Open. Like this, Mark has various titles.

Moreover, Mark was also the runner-up in various tournaments, like the World Open, the World Championship, and the UK Championship.

Mark Allen Parents: Ronnie And Lynne Allen

Mark Allen’s parents, Ronnie and Lynne Allen have always been supportive of their son’s snooker career. They have never missed a match for their son over the years.

Ronnie Allen, the father of the player, is himself a former snooker player. Ronnie passed the passion and love of the sport on to his son, Mark.

Mark Allen Carrying Trophy
Mark Allen Carrying Trophy (Source: Instagram)

In addition to that, Allen learned the basics of snooker from his father. However, the player has his own fame and reputation in the professional snooker game, but some of it is also known from his family background.

Even though Lynn and Ronnie supported him in his career, the parents’ details haven’t been revealed much yet.

Additionally, when the player won the 2018 Masters, he honored his parents by giving them credit, saying Lynn and Ronnine had been with him in every step of his journey.

Allen always mentioned the important role of his parents in his life and career and expressed gratitude for the support they have given.

Mark Allen Relationship and Timeline

Mark Allen was in a relationship with the women’s world snooker champion, Reanne Evans, in 2005. The couple had a beautiful daughter, Lauren Sophie, in 2006.

However, due to some reason, they had to end their relationship in 2008. Allen couldn’t bear the heartbreak and fell into a deep depression, and there was a time when he didn’t even leave his home.

Allen And His Fiance
Allen And His Fiance (Source: Instagram)

Eventually, he got better, and in 2011, Mark met Kyla McGuigan. After two years of dating, they got married on May 10, 2013.

In addition to that, from their marriage, the couple had a beautiful daughter in 2017 and named her Harleigh Allen.

Kyla also had a son from her previous relationship, and his name is Robbie McGuigan.

Moreover, with the help of the player, Robbie went to play amateur snooker, where he won under-16 and under-21 tournaments. At an early age (13 years), McGuigan’s son achieved a 147 break in 2018.

In May 2020, Allen and McGuigan got separated after filing for divorce. Eventually, Mark was connected to Aideen Cassidy, and in 2022, they got engaged.

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