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The creator and star of arguably one of the most famous television series, Family Guy, Seth McFarlane, has called it quits amid the ongoing, contentious Hollywood writers’ strike.

The recent news reported that the 49-year-old, along with his showrunners Rich Appel, Brian Boyle, Matt Weitzman, and Alec Sulkin, have taken a strong stand in support of the ongoing Writers Guild of America work stoppage, according to Deadline.

Seth, known for his voice roles as Stewie Griffin, Brian, and Peter in Family Guy, has made it quite clear that he would not be returning to work unless a satisfactory agreement is reached between the WGA and his studio, 20th Television, as per reports.

The Creator of Family Guy Seth McFarlane
The Creator of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane (Source: Britannica)

The strike began on May 2, 2023, following unsuccessful negotiations between the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

It is still uncertain the impact of the departures on each series. “Family Guy” concluded its 21st season on May 7, while “American Dad” is currently in the middle of its 20th season, with the eighth episode scheduled to air on May 22. 

Some Notable Sports Figures on Seth MacFarlane Shows

The former football tight end Rob Gronkowski made a cameo in Family Guy on January 15, 2017, episode Gronkowsbees.

In this particular episode, Rob becomes Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe’s instant friend after moving into Griffin’s neighborhood. 

Meanwhile, in a subplot, Brian and Stewie delve into the world of beekeeping, exploring their newfound interest in this hobby.

The episode showcases a blend of sports celebrity cameos and the quirky adventures of Brian and Stewie as they embark on their beekeeping journey.

Stephen Curry

The Dubs point guard Stephen Curry made a notable appearance in Family Guy in  Passenger Fatty-Seven episode on Jan 8, 2017.

In this episode, Peter Griffin has an unexpected encounter with Curry on the streets of San Francisco.

Stephen Curry In Family Guy
Stephen Curry In Family Guy (Source: YouTube)

To add a humorous twist, Peter proceeds to mimic Steph’s daughter Riley Curry and hilariously impersonates her on the postgame podium.

Tom Brady

Football legend Tom Brady made a memorable appearance in Family Guy on Jan 29, 2006, episode Patriot Games.

The episode aired a week before Super Bowl XL, fitting the theme.

In it, Peter attends his high school reunion, where an unexpected encounter with the football superstar takes place.

After an amusing chase through the venue, during which Peter comically tackles anyone in his path, he finally reaches the bathroom. To his surprise, Brady is impressed by Peter’s energetic pursuit and offers him a surprising opportunity.

Stock car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. voiced himself in The Cleveland Show’s fourth season episode, The Hangover: Part Tubbs.

In this episode, one of the main characters ventures onto the Richmond International Raceway track from the infield to grab the attention of the racing drivers.

However, his unexpected presence causes a chaotic and massive car pile-up on the track.

Amidst the chaos, Earnhardt Jr. skillfully maneuvers his car and pulls up alongside Cleveland.

Seth MacFarlane Quitting Family Guy | Strike

Both 20th Television and Seth have not yet commented regarding the recent departures.

Fox renewed Family Guy” for 22 and 23 seasons in January.

It is worth noting that Seth actively supported the WGA during the previous strike in 2007-2008, which lasted for more than three months.

This ongoing strike commenced earlier this month and has impacted a number of TV shows and films, including “Stranger Things,” “Severance,” and “Saturday Night Live.”

The primary objective of this strick includes improved payment for writers, protection against potential job loss due to AI technology, and streaming residuals.

Overall, the strike has raised significant concerns within the industry, and its effects are being felt across various television shows and movies, prompting a collective push for fair working conditions and compensation for writers.

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