Stacy Wakefield Net Worth Before Death: How Rich Was Tim Wakefield Widow?

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The recent passing of Stacy Wakefield, wife of Tim Wakefield, has left many wondering about her financial standing and net worth.

Their children were already grieving their father’s loss when they were faced with yet another significant loss in the family.

As the Wakefield family navigates through this difficult time, people are curious about Stacy’s finances.

Timothy Stephen Wakefield Was A Professional Baseball Pitcher
Timothy Stephen Wakefield Was A Professional Baseball Pitcher (Source: ESPN)

Timothy Stephen Wakefield was a professional baseball pitcher from America known for his mastery of the knuckleball.

Wakefield began his MLB career with the Pittsburgh Pirates but is remembered for his 17 years with the Boston Red Sox.

In 2011, Wakefield’s 200th career win placed him third in all-time Red Sox franchise victories.

He ranks second in all-time wins at Fenway Park and holds the record for most innings pitched by a Red Sox pitcher.

In 2009, Wakefield earned an All-Star designation; the following year, in 2010, he claimed the Roberto Clemente Award.

What was The Net Worth Of Stacy Wakefield Before Her Death?

Less than five months after her husband’s death, Stacy Wakefield tragically passed away at the age of 53 at their Massachusetts residence.

However, people were aware that both Stacy and Tim were battling cancer way before Stacy’s passing.

Curt Schilling, Tim’s former Red Sox teammate, disclosed on a podcast that both Tim had brain cancer and Stacy had pancreatic cancer.

Sadly, Tim passed away on October 1, 2023, due to brain cancer.

After this incident, Stacy received overwhelming support and speculation about her financial status.

The Net Worth Of Stacy Wakefield Before Her Death
The Net Worth Of Stacy Wakefield Before Her Death (Source: People)

Tim had amassed an estimated net worth of $20 million at his passing.

His tenure with the Red Sox solidified his status as a beloved figure in Boston sports history and contributed to his substantial net worth.

Additionally, throughout his 17-year MLB career, Tim Wakefield garnered over $55 million in salary earnings alone.

Different from Tim’s well-documented net worth, concrete information about Stacy’s net worth is not readily available in public records. 

However, alongside Tim, she participated in various charities, including the Red Sox Foundation and the Jimmy Fund.

The couple raised funds for cancer research and supported patients battling the disease. 

Given her involvement in charity and marriage to Tim, it’s reasonable to assume Stacy had considerable financial resources.

Still, we can accurately estimate her net worth with specific information on her earnings, investments, or assets.

Stacy and Tim Wakefield were renowned for their philanthropic endeavors, which left an indelible mark on countless lives.

Though Stacy’s financial details remain unknown, her immense generosity and goodwill undoubtedly left a lasting impact beyond monetary measures.

How Many Children Do Stacy And Tim Have?

Stacy and Tim Wakefield have two children: their son, Trevor, and daughter, Brianna Wakefield.

Trevor was born in 2004, and Brianna was born in 2005.

Both Trevor and Brianna possess unique interests and personalities. Brianna has an adventurous spirit and loves traveling and beach outings.

How Many Children Do Stacy And Tim Have
How Many Children Do Stacy And Tim Have (Source: Boston Herald)

She is also involved in sports like volleyball and water activities like jet skiing. On the other hand, Trevor values privacy and keeps his life out of the public eye.

Like his father, he is passionate about baseball and dedicated to his studies and athletic pursuits.

Within just six months, the children had to lose both their parents, which is an unimaginable loss.

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