Stephanie Washington Age & Wikipedia: Meet Bret Hart Wife

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Bret Hart’s wife, Stephaine, recently turned age forty-one this year. Steph was born on February 17, 1983.

Stephanie and Bret have been married for fourteen years, tying the knot in 2010.

While Bret has four children from his previous marriage, he and Stephanie have not welcomed any children together.

Bret Hart During His Professional Match
Bret Hart During His Professional Match (Source: Instagram)

Bret Hart, part of the Hart wrestling family, grew up surrounded by wrestling. He started training at a young age, following in his father’s footsteps.

He excelled in amateur wrestling during high school and joined Stampede Wrestling, his father’s promotion, in 1976.

Making his in-ring debut in 1978, he succeeded in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) during the 1980s and 1990s.

After a controversial incident in 1997, he moved to World Championship Wrestling (WCW) until 2000 when he officially retired due to injury.

At Survivor Series 1997, there was real-life tension between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.

In a controversial move, WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon made the decision for Michaels to win the match against Hart without informing Hart beforehand. This decision led to significant fallout and became known as the “Montreal Screwjob.”

Stephanie Washington Age & Wikipedia: Meet Bret Hart Wife

Stephanie, the wife of Bret Hart, recently celebrated her forty-one birthday. She was Born on February 17, 1983, in San Francisco, California, United States.

On her special occasion, Bret expressed his heartfelt wishes for her special day in 2021. He wrote,  “Wishing my lovely and amazing wife, Steph, a very happy birthday today. Born on the same day as my mother, she’s blessed with many of her traits, especially a big, kind heart that never stops giving. Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without her.” 

Stephanie Washington Age Is Forty-one
Stephanie Washington Age Is Forty-one (Source: Instagram)

Stephanie comes from a diverse ethnic background, with an Asian father and an African mother.

She spent her childhood in San Francisco and attended Bon Meade Elementary School.

Despite her public profile as Bret Hart’s wife, Stephanie keeps her family details private, including information about her parents and siblings.

Steph Is A Third Wife of Bret Hart

Bret Hart had been married three times in his life. Bret Hart was first married to Julie Hart in 1982.

The couple shares four kids together, including 2 sons and 2 girls. Blade Colton Hart and Dallas Jeffery Hart (sons). Jade Michelle Hart and Alexandra Sabina Hart (daughters).

However, Bret and Julie separated in 2002.

Following his separation from Julie, Bret married Cinzia Rota in 2004, but their marriage ended in divorce three years later in 2007.

However, their marriage also didn’t last long, and they got divorced three years after marriage.

Bret Hart With His Four Children
Bret Hart With His Four Children (Source: Instagram)

Bret again found the love in his life; he met Steph at a party. They met each other for the first time at a party that their mutual friend had organized. 

After several years of dating, they tied the knot in July 2010 in a private ceremony.

The couple is married and together for almost fifteen years. Bret and Stephanie don’t have any kids together.

During their relationship, Steph was criticized by many people as they were 26 years apart. 

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